Dear Aresians

Welcome to Ares Protocol-Oracle of Polkadot ecosystem weekly update. This week the support team has issued awarding rules for second round of Kusama Parachains slot auction. Awards were upgraded. Participants are able to exchange 1 $KSM to 1200 $AMAS, and extra bonus for inviting participants is available. Welcome every Aresians to actively support KSM for our canary network, to help us to win the Kusama Parachains slot auction. If you have no idea about how to support, you could click here.

Hi Aresians

We have plenty of good news recently to share with you. Currently, the team is conducting a big recruitment while brand products are undertaking all-round upgrading. From this week on, we will bring you news on weekly basis called Ares Protocol-Oracle of Polkadot Weekly Update. Here, we will note you with every bit of changes on Ares.

Project review

Oracle of Polkadot ecosystem-Ares Protocol was found in August 2020. We are committed to building a new generation of Oracle that is more real, safe, fast, and consumer-friendly.

Ares Protocol is the first decentralized cross-chain Oracle service of Polkadot ecology and…

Dear Aresians,

Ares Protocol has accomplished a major adjustment on brand recently, which is enabling a new domain name,,and the former suffix .com will no longer be maintained and used. All users could visit Ares Protocol official website via and gain further information.

The only entrance for staking is All staking users please visit this website for staking and redemption.

The accounts were updated, please be noted.


ℹ️ About Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain oracle platform that introduces a truly…

Dear Aresians

Welcome to read our weekly update on Ares protocol-Oracle on Polkadot ecosystem. This week the team still has been conducting the testnet application which is under the testing phase and developing the new website. Ares’ circulation on reached 93523.1490 USDT, which almost doubled than last week.

Here we are going to share every bit of Ares.

Development Process


  • OCW quotation data improved the bidder’s information on the chain record.
  • New Pallet configuration mode for calculating the median value is introduced.
  • Changed the governance mode to be approved by the technical committee to facilitate the on-chain upgrade request.
  • Upgraded…

Ares is pleased to announce a partnership with MXC Foundation, a team founded in 2017 in Berlin, Germany, with a core team that comes from an IoT background. It has already rolled out a distributed IoT network in more than 80% of countries around the world. They are committed to using IoT + blockchain technology to create a smart city where everything is connected. Working with such a great team, we see the infinite possibilities of decentralized Oracle and decentralized IoT cooperation.

Validation and sharing of data

First, when MXC Foundation IoT collects trillions of data, Ares Protocol, as a…

Dear Aresians:

Welcome to Ares Protocol-Oracle of Polkadot ecosystem weekly update. This week, the support team is continuing on new website development, which is under testing phase. Ares listed by into new version of liquidity mining pool. Ares also launched USDT, ETH trading pool, which enhanced the project’s liquidity.

Here, we are going to share every bit of Ares.

Developing process


  • Parachain added governance related pallet, including Democracy, Council, Technical Committee for improving the governance structure on chain, which is the preparation for launching of testnet.
  • Parachain added instrumental pallets, including utility, multisig, vesting, proxy, scheduler, and Provided unlocking of…

Dear Aresians:

Last week, listed Ares into new version of liquidity mining pool. Ares has officially launched the USDT, ETH trading pool, while starting a new version of rewards for liquidity mining pools(AMM; Automated Market Maker). Up till now, the APR reached 894.88%!

Welcome to profit from Ares,

New version of liquidity mining pool of

If the liquidity of the project is insufficient, there will be limited liquidity, the depth of the gap is not conducive to the user for large transactions or the user need to pay high price of the gap slip point (the disparity…

Dear Aresians:

Welcome to Ares Protocol-Oracle of Polkadot ecosystem weekly update. This week the support team has made upgradation works on website and technical frames. The new official website will be issued soon for you.

Here, we are going to share you every bit of Ares.

Development process


1. Upgraded the parachain version to Polkadot-V0.9.9, which is more stable than the master reference currently used on Mars.

2. The offchain worker module is not enabled by default parachain. Set offchain_worker.enabled to start the module for running the quotation program.

3. Chain_spec setting in parachain Live mode, AMAS token unit…

Hi Aresians

Recently, Polkadot official has published its Kusama Network function and stability report. Overall, the first round of six parachains connected to the Kusama network have been relatively stable from the process of block production, approval and final confirmation.

Meanwhile, officials brought good news about the second Kusama parachain slot auction. The 6th parachain slot auction will be officially start at UTC time 12:00 PM, First of September. The second auction will take five weeks of time ,same as the first auction. They are respectively scheduled for September first, 8th, 15th, 22th and 29th.

Ares Protocol’s canary network-Mars will…

Dear Aresians

Welcome to our weekly report. We will continue to share you contents about Ares Protocol-Oracle of Polkadot Weekly Update.

This week, the team is working on optimization of extractor of Kusama crowd-loan data, distributing model of development rewards and so on which were aimed at preparing for Second-round of Kusama parachain auction in coming September. Brand products were updated in all platforms while community and social media were expanded significantly. Here, we will share every bit of changes on Ares with you.

Development process


  • The module library and Substrate are synchronized to the latest version of monthly-2021–08.
  • Used external references…

Ares Protocol

The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link

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