Adjustment of Trojan & iliad regular staking APY from April 11

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5 min readFeb 10, 2023


Dear Aresians, Ares Protocol has gone live on the mainnet and is currently adapting and upgrading its existing products. The team has decided to make changes to the Trojan & iliad regular staking. From 11 April 2023, the new round of regular staking will be based on the latest APY, ranging from 20% — 40%.

Until 11 April, all returns will still be calculated at the existing APY and you will be able to withdraw your award at any time. Withdrawals of the principal will be allowed after the completion of the ARES staking term of your choice. If you do not withdraw your rewards in time by 11 April, all your rewards will be affected and they will all be calculated at the latest APY.

To ensure your return on earnings, it is important that you withdraw your rewards by 11 April. In the meantime, you can opt for the higher APY mainnet Odyssey staking, currently at 91.4% APY!

Regular staking Adjustment APY

Starting from 11 April, the regular staking product will remain in 5 tranches, namely 60 days, 120 days, 180 days, 270 days, and 360 days. The APYs will be adjusted to 20% for 60 days; 25% for 120 days; 30% for 180 days; 35% for 270 days and 40% for 360 days respectively.

This adjustment to regular staking requires users to take out their previous rewards instantly, and from 11 April, rewards will be calculated at the latest APY. If you wish to participate in the new term staking, please confirm the relevant contract address at:


ETH chain

60 days: 0x197278795f8f54f5a7cb2908de450102ca462822

120 days: 0xea269b10bd0a13b05bd6c36327aa7b38d74ee867

180 days:0x95ce4986edfcfa7bfc69ae88de29816c5b428ddc

270 days:0xcf31702ffab888690c8ca7d55bea7dc983ec3ce6

360 days:0x67176d19bfdd39b883909507ff74a3c6fadf0450


BSC chain

60 days:0x6aa58248c222f09b053206cf8f84126fed0a9daa

120 days:0xf7a04612b0c6a2a542e731023337e72f3811b473

180 days:0xb73908ab98e622ac8ea51ded6c33c51d4306866d

270 days:0x5908b99f531319394dd43922fb0bef1ab4b5ba38

360 days:0x768c8b1c97033e8dc7c7501ff345507c6164282c

How users can withdraw their principal and rewards

As regular staking expired user

1. Open the Trojan or iliad staking page. Click on regular staking and select the days you have previously chosen.

(If you do not withdraw your rewards in time by 11 April, all your rewards will be affected and they will all be calculated at the latest APY.)



2. Select ‘Claim and Unstake’ to withdraw your principal and rewards.

3. Confirm the transaction, confirm the gas fee and click ‘Confirm’.

As regular staking unexpired user

If your regular staking button is greyed out, you will need to wait until a specified time has elapsed before withdrawing the principal. You can make a bonus withdrawal first. (If you do not withdraw your rewards in time by 11 April, all your rewards will be affected and they will all be calculated at the latest APY.)

Mainnet Odyssey staking for high returns

Ares Protocol has opened its mainnet at block height 990766 (3 October 2022 22:00 Singapore time) and the mainnet has been running smoothly for over four months now. Staking on the mainnet Odyssey and becoming a nominator or validator earns a generous annualized reward, which is still as high as 91.4%.


How do you operate in order to stake on Odyssey?

  • Create an Odyssey account
  • Map ERC20/BEP20 ARES tokens
  • Bond stash & controller accounts

How to create an Odyssey account

There are two ways to create an Odyssey account.

1. Log in to your account using the Polkadot{.Js} wallet

2. Create an Odyssey account directly by logging into the Odyssey mainnet ‘Account’ page


The process can be viewed by searching the WiKi link!


You can perform the ETH -Odyssey/ BSC -Odyssey network cross-chain bridge operation to map Erc20/Bep20 ARES tokens from the Trojan/iliad page.

The process can be viewed by searching the WiKi link!

How to stake

On the Odyssey, select staking and complete bonding of the stash account, control account, and staking amount.

Search the WiKi link to see the exact process!

After making staking to the Odyssey mainnet, you can become a validator or nominator for the mainnet, depending on your situation. We look forward to you joining the Odyssey and contributing to the development of the Ares Protocol!

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Ares Protocol is an oracle solution with security using VRF, developed on the Substrate framework, and it supports hybrid Babe and off-chain workers. It integrates Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, brings the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the oracle field, supports the Ink contract ecosystem, and brings better oracle services to DeFi Developers.

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