Airdrop Lottery Results

Hi Aresians,

we think you waited long enough for this. Finally your patience will be rewarded :)

We hope you are as excited as we are for this announcement. It was quite a bit of work cleaning the massive dataset of 128k submissions for the airdrop lottery. You guys are amazing, thank you for the numerous participation in this successful lottery.
In this article we want to present you our methodology for the data cleaning and choosing the winners. We are aware that there is no perfect method and we are sure that the method could be improved in a few ways. Nonetheless we think that our methodology is suffiecient enough for our purpose and we did the best that was in our ability to ensure a fair airdrop lottery.

Number of winners
After the lottery registration deadline ended we had approximately 28k Twitter followers and 26,500 Telegram members. This means our R value as described in the Airdrop lottery article before is the smaller number of the two, i.e. 26,500. According to this there would be 2,650 airdrop winners with each winner winning 200 ARES tokens. We rounded that number up to 2,700 winners :)

But how to choose the winners?
We received 128k submissions in total for the airdrop lottery. Of course that number doesn’t match with the number of Twitter followers and Telegram members, which means that there are a lot of multiple submissions, incomplete data and most likely also bot submissions.
After removing incomplete and multiple submissions, the 128k entries dropped to 64,500 entries. The next step was checking the mandatory requirements of the airdrop lottery, which where to follow the Ares Protocol twitter page and join its Telegram group and announcements channel. After cross checking that, from the 64,500 data entries only half i.e. around 23,800 entries fullfiled the mandatory requirement. We think that is a reasonable number, since our R value is 26,500.
The final step
In the last step we choose the winners via a random number generator that we
implemented in python. We gave the generator the instruction to generate 2,700 random numbers in the range of [1–26,500]. This list of 2700 randomly generated numbers that we got, represent the airdrop winners. If the first number from this list is for example 52, it means that the 52th entry (of course from the cleaned dataset) is a winner. Each of those 2,700 winners will receive 200 ARES tokens.
Lucky number award
As described in the previous airdrop lottery article, there are in addition to the randomly chosen lucky winners, also winners of the lucky number award. Every 1,111th; 2,222th; 3,333th; 4,444th; 5,555th; 6,666th; 7,777th; 8,888th; 9,999th; 11,111th and 22,222th participant (from the cleaned data set) will receive 667 tokens (it was 666 before, but we noticed, that that number might be a little cringe, so we changed it to 667 :).
Winners List
You can find here the erc20 adresses of the winners. Please search for your erc20 adress that you put in your registration for the lottery (with Command + F). If you cannot find your number there, then unfortunately you are not among the winners.
The airdrop will be send to the winners Erc20 adresses 3 weeks after the token listing. Congratulations to the winners :)
You didn’t win? Stay tuned, you will have another chance! Our IDO whitelist lottery will start very soon. It is literally just a couple of days away. Do not miss this chance. Good
Luck :)




The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link

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Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol

The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link

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