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5 min readJun 18, 2022


The third round of Gladios node testing had officially ended in the early morning of June 15, 2022, Singapore time. During the event, a total of 59 high-quality nodes were successfully connected following the operation guide and continued to provide operation and maintenance services.

According to the Gladios validator punishment mechanism, the staff counted the online status of nodes on working days from 6.1 to 6.14,1000 ARES were awarded every day for nodes that were running normally. For the penalized nodes, after being kicked out by imonline, the reward calculation was suspended until they were connected successfully and kept running smoothly, then the rewards were calculated again.

Reward Statistics Form:

Reward distribution rules

At present, the third round of node test rewards for Gladios is under statistics and verification. It is difficult to distribute rewards since some nodes did not complete the on-chain identity verification. Here, each node needs to be reminded to pay attention to the following reward collection rules:

1. Each node needs to register an on-chain identity with the unique telegram username and bsc address required. Please make sure that you are in our node tg group (Ares Protocol Node Miner).

2. Running multiple nodes can only provide a single information, and the reward calculation can only be performed as the operation of a single node.

During the audit, we found that the following nodes still lack one or both of the telegram username and bsc address. Here is a reminder that you need to complete the relevant information as soon as possible and get in touch with the community administrator @MIles_Damon.


Step 1: complete the on-chain authentication

1. Log in to Gladios, click [Account] in the top table, then click [My Account], as shown below, and select [Set On-Chain Identity].


2. Retweet the following tweet + tg username + BSC address to get a web link. Shorten the link in tinyurl and fill it in [Web], then click [Set Identity].

Tweet link:

3. Put your telegram name in [ledge name] and Twitter name in [Twitter name], then click [Set Identity].

4. Confirm the transaction and click [Sign & Submit] (this will charge you for some test coins, please make sure you have 1000 or more test coins in your account address)

5. Once the transaction is completed, it will notify you that the identity has been set.

Step 2: Contact the administrator for verification

Get in touch with community admin @MIles_Damon using the telegram username that is verified in your on-chain identity. Please provide the following information:

1. Your Gladios account

2. Your BSC address

Tips: How to get your Gladios account

Method 1: Find your running node on the “staking” page, and click the button as shown in the figure to copy your Gladios account.

Method 2: Find and click your running node on the “staking” page to copy your Gladios account as shown in the figure.

Step 3: Wait for the reward to be issued

Once the community administrator @MIles_Damon has reviewed your Gladios account, Telegram username and BSC address, and confirmed that they are consistent with the on-chain identity verification, the project will arrange to distribute rewards for you!

Approved list

The following is the list of approved Telegram usernames and BSC addresses before June 15. Please check your BSC address as soon as possible. If you have any questions, you can give feedback to the community administrator in a timely manner. The award will be distributed 3 working days after the announcement of this list. At that time, it will no longer be dealt with if the BSC address is incorrect or need to be changed!

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