Announcement on Moving the Trojan & Iliad to the New Pools

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6 min readApr 12, 2022


Dear Aresians, Ares Protocol, has upgraded regular staking products of Trojan and Iliad for strategic purposes.
After this round of upgrade, 270 days and 360 days of regular staking modes, which entail higher APY, will be added to the staking options. The staking contracts are undergoing a rigid upgrading process to evolve into a staking platform which is comparably new and safe. The novel staking modes will be integrated into the Trojan Mystery Box game to enable high investment return and entertainment features as well.
We need the mass users’ support to successfully move our Trojan and Iliad staking pools. You may need to claim your staked tokens and rewards before the pool migration. In the meantime, you may need to stake in the new collection to migrate your old staked assets successfully.

Claim Deposits from Old Pools

  • Since 12th April, Trojan & Iliad’s former regular products are no more available for staking.
  • For the users whose staking period is finished: please withdraw your staked tokens and rewards on the old Trojan and Iliad pages before 4 pm UTC on 15th April. After 4pm UTC time 15th April, the APY of the former Trojan and Iliad staking pools will become 0.01%. After the 15th April, you can only withdraw your rewards on the new pages which we opened for you and you can claim your deposit on old Trojan & Iliad page.
  • For the user whose staking period is still ongoing: After 15th April, you could withdraw accumulated rewards on the new page which we launched. Deposit still needs to be claimed from the old staking pages. Your rewards will be keep growing according to the former APY till its deadline. (for example, your staking option’s deadline is in 1st December, then your rewards will be amounted till 1st December according to the original APY, it does not suffer from the changed 0.01% )
  • Concrete operation steps will be announced in 16th April.
  • The former pool will remain till the users finish the deadline and withdraw the deposit.


  • Unfinished staking will still go with the original APY in the former pool.
  • Unfinished staking shouldwait till the deadline to withdraw the deposit.
  • Claim rewards needs certain Gas fee.

Claiming Procedure

1. Open the Trojan or Iliad page. Enter the page for regular staking and change to the {old} version. Choose your staked period to proceed with further operations.

2. Choose {Claim and Unstake}, to unstake your tokens and claim rewards.

3. Confirm the transactions, confirm the Gas Fee, and click {confirm}.

Stake on the New Pool

Today, the novel staking pool is available for the users, and we proposed below regular products. Regular products included five levels respectively, including 60 days, 120 days, 180 days, 270 days, and 360 days. 60 days of APY is reached 30%. 120 days of regular product’s APY has reached 35%; 180 days of regular product’s APY is hefty at 40%. 270 days of regular product’s APY is an astonishing level of 45%. The ultimate APY featured 50% for the 360 days of regular products.

Please verify the new contract address:


ETH network

60 days:


120 days:


180 days:


270 days:


360 days:


BSC network

60 days:


120 days:


180 days:


270 days:


360 days:


Staking Procedures

1. Enter the Trojan or Iliad staking page. Click the regular staking option, and change to the {new} version. Choose the regular products you may want to invest in.

2. Authorization: If your wallet address has been contacted onto Trojan or Iliad for the first time, you may need to allow this authorization process.

3. After you successfully Approved your address, you could press {the staking} button to input the token amounts you want to stake. After the transaction is completed, the staking status will be displayed on the Current Stake dashboard.


Q: Should I need to migrate my Current staking?

A: No need. This time of migration mainly targeted Trojan& Iliad regular staking options.

Q: Should I need to stake on the same option after I migrate onto the new pool?

A: No need. You need to assess your interest to stake in any option you prefer.

Q: If I did not claim my rewards and unstake my tokens before 15th of April, will my assets disappear?

A: After 15th April, the APY will drop to 0.01% in the former pool, so the profit changes, but your assets stay in the former pool. After 15th April, we will open a claiming regular staking rewards channel on the former staking page, and you could go to claim rewards, and rewards will be sent to your wallet. The staked tokens will be available to unstake when the regular staking period is fulfilled. You may need to check your staked tokens’ deadline for fulfilling the staking cycle and unstake them.

Q: What is the difference between the former pool and the new pool?


1. The regular products were upgraded and added 270 days, 360 days with adjusted APY.

2. The contract upgraded; ensure the right contract address for the new staking pool.

3. Added {Restake} function; after the staking time ends, you will be able to stake the originally invested tokens again.

4. The former staking pool continues to generate profits even after comp; eating the staking period. The new staking pool does not generate profit after completing the staking period, and please be noted to unstake tokens after the time end.

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