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Ares Protocol
2 min readJul 5, 2021


Dear Aresians,

Recently we announced that we are a proud partner of Black Ocean, a liquidity providing platform, and we look forward to a mutually beneficial long-term cooperation 🤝

Today we want to share with you that Ares Protocol won’t stop there and is now a member of the Polkadot DeFi Alliance along with such prominent projects as Chainlink, Reef, Polkaswap and others 😎

📌 Why is this important for Ares Protocol?

The Polkadot DeFi Alliance is a group of blockchain projects which help the wider adoption of decentralized finance (DeFi) by providing a place where a range of leading projects can discuss crucial topics of DeFi and share experience with one another. Polkadot DeFi Alliance also invites speakers and special guests that are all specialists and innovators with extensive experience in crypto and DeFi.

Ares Protocol is a cutting-edge project and a part of the Polkadot ecosystem. So, it’s very important for us to be one of the Polkadot DeFi Alliance members in order to contribute to the development of a global decentralized financial infrastructure and take part in discussions with these renowned projects.

Make sure to stay tuned, as we have lots of amazing news coming! We’re sure that this is just the beginning for Ares Protocol partnerships and cooperation! 😉

About Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol is the first decentralized cross-chain oracle on Polkadot that implements data verification on-chain. It’s competitive advantage over other oracles is that it has a higher degree of decentralization because of node randomness, very low latency and high scalability because of it’s on-chain verification of real world data. Furthermore, it is the first oracle that provides compensation through its treasury to data consumers who faced losses due to malicious data. This mechanism serves as insurance and an additional layer of security in the rare case that other security mechanisms of Ares Protocol fail, making it even more secure.

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Ares Protocol

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