Ares Regular Stake Mining Launch, with a Maximum APY of 45%!

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3 min readAug 10, 2021


Dear Aresians:

Since May 13th this year, Ares Trojan Staking mining was officially deployed in the Ethereum main network and now we are welcoming the third phase of Staking mining, thank you all for your active participation!

Ares mining has been carried out for third periods, and the Staking volume continues to rise. We can see the enthusiasm of everyone involved. The current Staking amount plus the reward is 45,970,000. All along, we hope to give more rewards to our Aresians. Stake mining reward adjusted from the starting 625000 to a million of the third round. The annualized yield held steadily at 26 %.

With the release of the 2nd Seed Wheel Institutional Token, Ares has launched Regular-term mining products in order to better give-back to the community, Ares enthusiasts can pledge their tokens to regular-term contracts for more mining rewards.

Why choose regular-term products?

Currently, we have been in a volatile market, in order to avoid the fluctuations of market to bring about the loss of income, At the same time, it’s also to give back to the loyal fans who are optimistic about the Ares project for a long time. After a series of discussions, the team decided to launch regular-term products with higher annualized returns.

From now on we will launch the following regular Staking mining products: regular-term mining products are divided into three grades, which are 60 days, 120 days and 180 days respectively. The APY of 60 days is 35%; The APY of 120 days is 40%; The APY of 180 days is 45%.

Please recognize the contract address:

60 days: 0xa99d9fA06Dd1827fD39aB2d6E0d8eb1DaE9C4B93

120 days: 0x4C4f6d9FAe70236888C4D613199Ea4419ada23E8

180 days: 0xb31d8EBa3f5e2D758b54544E4446b39F9cb769ea

What should we pay attention to when participating in regular Staking mining?

After purchasing regular products, the capital cannot be redeemed within the specified time, but the reward can be received anytime.

For the purchase of regular products, if you want to purchase additional fixed-time products during the Staking mining time, you need to extend the overall period. Redemption days= completion days before additional purchase + regular days (60/20/180).

For example, David used $100 Ares to regular mine for 60 days. After 30 days, he decided to spend another $100 Ares and purchase an additional 60 days to mine. In this way, 200$ Ares will take 90 days to redeem. At this point, the income is about 100*35%/12+200*35%/6

Regular-term products can be redeemed after expiration. If they are not redeemed in time, the system will give the corresponding income according to the cycle you chose.

For example, David chooses to order 120 days products with $100 Ares with an annualized yield of 40%, and he redeems it in 150 days. Then David’s income at this point is about 100*40%/12*5

We sincerely invite you to choose the appropriate cycle according to your own needs and participate in our regular-term mining activities!

The only entrance for staking is

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