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The Ares Protocol page on (From January 2022)

About Ares Protocol

  • Ares issued white paper 1.0;
  • made core protocol design;
  • applied for Web3 fund grant;
  • developed prototype based on ‘’pallet’’ and ‘’off-chain work’’.
  • Ares Improved the economic model;
  • integrated Ares protocol in Polkadot Defi projects;
  • obtained web3 fund grant;
  • strengthened the cross-chain interaction of the oracle users;
  • improved challenger and arbitration counsel model;
  • improved economic model design;
  • implemented random selection of aggregators and on-chain aggregation;
  • launched test network;
  • accessed to the eco-partner testing.
  • Ares will launch AresScan blockchain browser with trade history searching function;
  • launch price prediction module in Gladios test network;
  • acquire on-chain and off-chain data on Ares Protocol price quotation program;
  • open up asset bridge between BSC& ETH network;
  • issue chain verified, VRF algorithm based game The Trojan Box;
  • publish updated official Wikipedia;
  • launch the main network;
  • operate multi-channelled cooperation;
  • enhance cross-company companionship;
  • operate Eco-marathon developer activities.


We believe this is just a good starting point of our organic collaboration with; We uphold the wish that in the future, Ares Protocol would make a huge step forward to list in the app.



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Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol

The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link