Discontinuation of Trojan & iliad current staking

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6 min readDec 22, 2022


Dear Aresians, Ares Protocol has gone live on the mainnet and is currently adapting and upgrading its existing products. The team has decided to make changes to the Trojan & iliad current staking. As of 12.25, the new round of current staking will no longer generate income.

To ensure your return, you will need to withdraw your principal and rewards from the current pool in a timely manner. Once withdrawn, you can choose to take out a regular Trojan & iliad staking for a steady return of 30%-50%, or you can choose to take out the mainnet Odyssey, which has a higher APY of 105.4%!

Withdrawal of principal and rewards from the current pool

From 25 December, the Trojan & iliad current pool will no longer be available for staking.

For all current pledgers, please withdraw your rewards and principal from the Trojan & iliad action page by 24:00 Singapore time on 24 December. If not withdrawn in time, the current pool APY will be adjusted to 0.01% after 24:00 on 24 December and the rewards will not be updated for the new round.

The current staking pool will be retained until all users have withdrawn their principal.

Extraction operations

1. Open the page of Trojan or iliad. Click on the current staking product.

Trojan: https://trojan.aresprotocol.io/

iliad: https://iliad.aresprotocol.io/

2. Select ‘Claim and Unstake’ to withdraw your principal and rewards.

3. Confirm the transaction, confirm the gas fee and click ‘Confirm’.

Mainnet Odyssey staking for high returns

Ares Protocol has opened its mainnet at block height 990766 (3 October 2022 22:00 Singapore time) and the mainnet has been running smoothly for over two months now. Staking on the mainnet Odyssey and becoming a nominator or validator earns a generous annualized reward, which is still as high as 105.4%.

Odyssey: https://polkadot.js.org/apps/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fodyssey.aresprotocol.io#/staking/targets

How do you operate in order to stake on Odyssey?

Create an Odyssey account

Map ERC20/BEP20 ARES tokens

Bond stash & controller accounts

How to create an Odyssey account

There are two ways to create an Odyssey account.

1. Login to your account using the Polkadot{.Js} wallet

2. Create an Odyssey account directly by logging into the Odyssey mainnet ‘Account’ page


The process can be viewed by searching the WiKi link!



ETH — Odyssey Network Cross-Chain Bridge

  1. Connect your wallet and open the stake screen: http://trojan.aresprotocol.io/

2. Click on “Ares Bridge” to open the ARES asset cross-chain bridge from the ETH chain to the Odyssey network.

3. Fill in the asset amount in the Asset Cross-Chain Bridge function interface, the system will automatically identify the ARES balance of your wallet. Fill in the amount you want to migrate to the Odyssey network. Confirm that the “ARES amount to be received on the Odyssey network”, the “cross-chain bridge fee” and your Odyssey account number are accurate. If they are correct, click “Confirm”.

4. The first time you use the cross-chain bridge, you need to approve it first. After completing the authorization, confirm the cross-chain transaction to see the Gas fee and click “Confirm”.

5. Complete the transaction

Your request has been successful, please wait patiently for the assets to be credited. You can open AresScan or polkadot.js to check the balance of the corresponding Odyssey account.

AresScan: https://aresscan.aresprotocol.io/odyssey

polkadot.js: https://js.aresprotocol.io/?rpc=wss%3A%2F%2Fodyssey.aresprotocol.io#/accounts

⚠️ Cross-chain transactions require some review time and are expected to arrive within 48 hours. If it still hasn’t arrived after 48 hours, please contact Ares Protocol Community Manager or official email address at info@aresprotocol.io. Staff will handle it for you in time.

The same steps are followed for Bep20 ARES token mapping in iliad, search the WiKi link for the exact process!


How to bond stash & controller account

Step one:

As shown in the picture above, enter the Staking page and click on the Account actions button and the Stash button.

Step two:

Select the stash account and the corresponding controller account. The stash and the controller can be the same account, however, this is not recommended in practice. Fill in the amount of value bonded as required, then the staking value will be deducted from the stash account.

  • The stash account can be regarded as your cold wallet, and all operation of funds is controlled by the stash account.
  • Other non-fund operations are done by the controller account (such as setting session keys, setting commission, participating in voting, releasing pledges, etc.)
  • Do not use all the available balances for staking as you would need to reserve some for the transaction fee.

After filling in the above information, click the Bond button to complete the staking operation.

Search the WiKi link to see the exact process!


After making staking to the Odyssey mainnet, you can become a validator or nominator for the mainnet, depending on your situation. We look forward to you joining the Odyssey and contributing to the development of the Ares Protocol!

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Ares Protocol is an oracle solution with security using VRF, developed on the Substrate framework, and it supports hybrid Babe and off-chain workers. It integrates Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, brings the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the oracle field, supports the Ink contract ecosystem, and brings better oracle services to DeFi Developers.

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