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3 min readDec 15, 2021


Ares Protocol New Year Gifts for 2022

Looking back on the year 2021, Ares Protocol, as one of the most prominent Oracles in the Polkadot ecosystem, has gone through ups and downs with the immense support and efforts from the community members. In this context, Ares Protocol has prepared token gifts valued at more than 50.000 USDT for the new year to exert the project team’s appreciation to all Aresians.

Official Document for Gift Rules:

Participation Cycle: 15th (11 am UTC time)-31st(11 am UTC time) Dec. 2021

Gifting Place: Ares Official Community

Gifting Object: New and Old Ares Members

Gifting Percentage: 50% of the Participants will Receive Gifts

Choosing Mechanism: Random, automatic selection

Participation Methods: Choose A or B to complete.

A: Provide your screenshot ( which proves you have 300 or more Ares tokens ) to the official Twitter account, and leave your Telegram username & BSC address.

B: Invite three friends into the official Telegram group, PM their Telegram username to the official Twitter account, and leave your Telegram username & BSC address.
(Notice: any kind of order violation will meet with disqualification to the gift)

Gifting Rules:
1. 0.1–5000 USDT valued Ares tokens per person.
2. Gifts will be varied to the number of participants.
3. R value = number of participants
4. While the participants are below 1018 persons, the gifts will be given for the 50% of participants, gift volume will be in the range of 0.1U- 10U per person.
5. Distribution Date: 25th Dec. Christmas will be given 50% gifts, left 50% will be given in 31st Dec.



Ares Protocol-decentralised cross-chain oracle platform in polkadot ecosystem

Ares Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain Oracle that truly implements a new generation of cross-chain Oracle service protocol for data on-chain verification, and is the first to open a compensation channel for data users who suffer business losses from using Oracle data.

Ares Protocol is a stochastic secure Oracle solution developed based on the Substrate framework, supporting hybrid Babe and off-chain workhorses, incorporating Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, bringing the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the Oracle space, supporting the Ink contract ecosystem, and bringing better quality Oracle services to Defi developers.

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Ares Protocol

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