Odyssey Mainnet Prep Network Nodes Manual

Odyssey mainnet prep network upgrade

What is the difference between the Odyssey mainnet prep network node manual compared to the Gladios testnet?

1. Real economic system environment

Gladios testnet does not have a real economic system, using test coins for testnet operation experience, there is no actual economic value.

2. Network migration to Odyssey

Gladios testnet is the initial network based on the original network for testing. With the advancement of the Odyssey main network preparation network, the network is currently migrated from Gladios to Odyssey and its corresponding URL has changed. Gladios will be kept as a permanent testnet on which the latest features of the project will be tested afterward.

3. Node program command update

The node program commands have been updated in the latest mainnet prep network node manual, which is similar to the Gladios testnet operation commands. In order to deploy the latest mainnet prep network node smoothly, each verifier node needs to pay attention to the following matters.

Latest node operation steps

Validators: These are users who deploy nodes in the Ares Odyssey Prep Network according to the node manual. They are mainly responsible for blocking and quoting smoothly of the prep network. To participate in node deployment, you need to map ARES assets to Odyssey network via ETH or BSC cross-chain bridge and stake a certain amount of ARES on Odyssey network, and successfully run the verifier node will get year-on-year block out and offer rewards. At the same time, if there are problems such as node drops or offer deviations, they also face the risk of being penalized.

Prep Network Nodes Manual

The latest mainnet prep network node manual is now fully updated at WiKi, you can search the link to view it!

How to create Odyssey Account

Wiki: https://docs.aresprotocol.io/docs/en/odysseyCreateAccount


Wiki: https://docs.aresprotocol.io/docs/en/odysseyCrossChainBridge

How to bond stash & controller account

Wiki: https://docs.aresprotocol.io/docs/en/odysseyBindStashAndController

Node program update/deployment

Wiki: https://docs.aresprotocol.io/docs/en/odysseyUpgradeOrDeployNode

Set Session Keys

Wiki: https://docs.aresprotocol.io/docs/en/odysseySetSessionKey

Pass the validation verification and produce the blocks and quotes continuously

Wiki: https://docs.aresprotocol.io/docs/en/odysseyValidateValidator

Punishment verification & Extraction of assets

Wiki: https://docs.aresprotocol.io/docs/en/odysseySlashAndWithdraw

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