Staking Mining APY increased by 60%

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2 min readJul 13, 2021


Dear Aresians,

We are excited to share some good news to ARES Holders. It has been a particularly essential month for ARES. We did not compromise on rumors and slanders we have been confronted with. Instead, we immediately issued forthwith responding statements on our social media platforms and updated our domain name as well as social media accounts. We boost users’ confidence in the secondary market and positively address questions brought up with in the community. With rumors smashed by hard evidence, burdens being relieved, we paced into a maturer stage of development.

A new round of ARES Staking is going to begin. For users who are still participating in ARES Staking, we decided to give back to the community as we understand that support from our community is tied deeply with our development. After a series of discussions, the awards for our new round of Staking will rise from 625K originally to 1M, which under the condition that the current staking volume remains unchanged, adjusts the annual yield to 30% and directly elevates 60% of return rate. On top of that, people who participate in Staking will gain more ARES rewards.

ARES had conducted 2 rounds of Staking, and the Staking volume only kept rising, which was attributed to the passionate involvement from all Aresians. The current Staking volume in addition to awards is 41.52M, and the current turnover volume is 68.62M, which accounts for 61% of the total turnover volume. The Staking rate has reached same level with Polkadot.

The only entrance for Staking is All staking users please visit this website for staking and redemption.

In the near future, we also plan to launch several periodical Staking products and give away more lucrative rewards to our community.

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