The Trojan Box Launched Beta Version, Including A Whitelist for 50 Members

The Trojan Box Beta Version

Beta Version Specifications

Testing period: 28th March to 1st April
Members for beta version: 50 members


  • Have Metamask, 10,000 or more ARES in Ethereum address (the required ARES is only for game qualification, the game does not need staking, does not cost any gas fee, and does not cost any ARES from your wallet)
  • Experienced in beta version testing, like to find bugs in games

Rewarding Mechanism

Game Rewards

3–3300 ARES/ per time (each person can join 50 times at maximum)

Find bugs

10–200 ARES /per time ( provided: the bug is adopted to modification)


while rewards ≥ 100 ARES, rewards can be withdrawn. The game and withdrawal do not need any Gas fee.


Participants should register first to the admins, the whitelist is limited to 50 persons. The deadline is 25th March, 10:00 am (UTC time)

Successful Registration Means:

• Join in Beta Version Telegram group
• Submit ETH address to apply for the whitelist
•Whitelist will be announced after the deadline

About Trojan Box

Trojan War, in Greek mythology, was a war between the Greeks and the people of Troy. The strife began after the Trojan prince Paris abducted Helen, wife of Menelaus of Sparta. When Menelaus demanded her return, the Trojans refused. Menelaus then persuaded his brother Agamemnon to lead an army against Troy.

Game Features

Based on VRF Algorithm
The Trojan Box is a mystery box game based on the VRF algorithm, which is suitable for gamers from diverse age spans and different walks of life. The game introduced Verifiable Random Function, VRF, to support the game settings with a random amount of rewards. It also enables games to prevent malicious attacks, falsified signatures and decrease energy consumption, etc.

Off-chain Signature Without Gas Fee
Due to the high Gas fee and congested networks, the Trojan Box is using an off-chain signature, to integrate authentication and trading into one same trading process, and it used an off-chain signature, and on-chain verified identity. This further enabled a safe environment for the game and created an environment in which no Gas fee was involved.

We are looking forward to your participation in Beta Version of Trojan Box, a milestone GameFi product of Ares Protocol.

Ares Protocol, the decentralised cross-chain Oracle serive in Polkadot ecosystem



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