Trojan & Iliad Old Pools Launched Sites for Claiming Rewards

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4 min readApr 16, 2022


At the moment, scrutinized processes are undertaken to move Trojan and Iliad’s old pools. The Trojan $ Iliad regular products are shut down in old pools; the old pools are no longer available for staking. The community members are being informed to claim their finished staking deposits and returns in time before the shutdown, which takes place at 4 pm UTC, 15th April . The former pool’s APY is set to an ultimate lower position of 0.01% to suspend the old staking pools. Your staking rewards will not be able to manifest on the old site; please refer to the new site for claiming rewards.

New reward claiming sites:

1. Current rewards = accumulated rewards — prizes claimed last time; finished staking, rewards will be accumulated until 15th April. If the stake owner has not claimed rewards before then, the “rewards claimed last time will be 0.”
2. APY will be continued to count by former pool APY.
3. Rewards can be claimed anytime.
4. Claiming rewards costs a certain Gas fee; a related email will be sent to the stake owner as proof of Gas payment.

Important Notice

1. Users haven’t claimed rewards (finished or unfinished stakings); all need to claim bonuses on this page
2. Select your contract for regular staking; otherwise, you will not be able to claim rewards
3. This page only supports claiming rewards. Please reach out to the former page to claim deposits after the staking period is finished.
4. You can not repeatedly claim; you can claim again after you finish the last claim.
5. While the rewards are minor to the Gas fee, you can not claim the reward.

Operation Steps:

  1. Enter Trojan or Iliad staking page. Click regular staking and change to the [old] version.

2. Enter the reward claiming page

Method A: Enter {old} page click {claim rewards}

Method B: Select your staked regular products and click {claim rewards}

3. Select your contract for regular staking, and fill in your contact numbers.
(sidenote: Email is compulsory. WeChat, telegram, or phone number at least one of them. More of your information will help us to contact you effectively)

4. Reward claiming is successfully submitted; please wait for verification; our staff will contact you soon.

5. On the reward claiming page, you will be able to check out your successful reward claiming records, Gas fees, and actual claimed rewards records.

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