Tutorial| Operating Steps and FAQ of Iliad Stake Mining on BSC

Iliad stake mining on BSC mainnet

General Outlook

Welcome to the Ares Iliad stake mining on BSC main network. http://iliad.aresprotocol.io/

  1. The reward ratio declines linearly as the amount of Staking increases. For example: when the amount of staking reaches 10,000, APY is 7,604%; When the amount of staking reaches 100,000, APY is 760%; When the amount of staking reaches 1 million, the APY is 76%.
  2. Staked tokens and rewards are available to withdraw at any time.
  3. Staking has two steps, first, send Approve to allow the transaction and click Staking to launch operation.
  4. Withdrawal includes Unstake Tokens, Claim Rewards, Claim and Unstake; they all need on-chain transactions.
  5. All processes above require BNB gas fee; while you are operating, you shall guarantee a certain amount of transaction fee.
  1. It has three staking terms; they are 60days, 120days, 180days, APY is 35%, 40%, and 45%, respectively.
  2. Staking rewards are available for withdrawal at any time; staked tokens are available for withdrawal after the ending of the regular term.
  3. Same as 3 of the current mode.
  4. Same as 4 of the current mode.
  5. Same as 5 of the current mode.

Operating Steps

Stakers on Trojan might quickly get familiar with the Iliad stake mining. This tutorial will guide you to know more about concepts of Ares staking and operations on the Ares Iliad staking page. Worth mentioning is that this tutorial is available for both current and regular stake mining. Both modes are almost the same except for the claiming and unstake process.

BSC MAINNET on Metamask


1. What’s the difference between Staking on Trojan or Iliad?



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