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2 min readMar 21, 2022

Warning About A Malicious Blackmailing from A Community Manager

Blockchain community needs strong work-ethic, since the workers are highly associated with the investors’ benefit. Recently we got a threating blackmail message from a former community manager Juan, that he wants us to pay 1000$, next day the amount changed to 4000$. His motivation was clear enough in the message, which is spreading rumors and blackmail us to gain profit.

We sincerely warn blockchain projects and community to be aware of the persons who don’t have good work-ethic and greedy. We cooperated with Juan for 11 months, the salary was fixed with 300$ per months, as he is a part-time manager. In the last three months he disappeared from the community and only came back for receiving the salary, since we cooperated for a long time, we still gave him200$, and 100$ in the last month. Sarcastically, we received this blackmail one day before. We wish the projects could be aware of bad workers, and create a user friendly, trustable environment.

Ares Protocol have 20 community managers, we work with passion and diligence, and we are still improving our work quality to offer more benefit for the investors and the whole community. We welcome people with good work-ethic to join us to create and contribute to the project and investors.

Best Regards
Ares team.

21th March 2022

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