Weekly Report | Ares Protocol NPOS testnet and quotation program upgrade

Project review

  • Whitepaper 1.0 was issued.
  • Core design of Protocol
  • Grant application of Web3 Foundation
  • Development of prototype based on pallet and offchain work
  • Technical yellow paper was issued
  • Improve the cross-chain interaction of Oracle users
  • Realize the random selection of aggregators and on chain aggregation
  • Improve the challenger and arbitration council model
  • Million dollars of financing accomplished
  • Token was listed on secondary market
  • Ares trojan stake mining was started
  • The Ink Contract authorize asset quotation program to extract the price
  • Early access to Recoco test and participation in Kusama slot auction

Development Progress

  • Kusama crowd funding data extraction program, a system which offers data support for reward distribution of crowd-loan participants.
  • KSM/ETH address binding submitter
  • The back-end signature verification module is about to develop the reward distribution system
  • Upgrade trojan UI, add Regular module
  • Fix the browsing page hopping problem, staking MAX value problem
  • Fix the timing error of withdrawal in regular contract
  • Implementation tests of 60, 120, 180 days contract
  • Reconstruct the Oracle price quotation pallet on Substrate v3.0.0 edition
  • Upgrade babe consensus to substitute aura consensus
  • Congregate xcm cross-chain pallet, test the data extraction between parachain
  • Ink contract data analyzation and contract callback of quotation data
  • Convert Ruby quotation program to Golang version
  • Compare the quotation procedures of bit stock Ruby and Python
  • Support multiple exchanges, multiple transaction pairs and multiple data queries
  • Build restful API with Gin architecture

Weekly market & community

  • Anniversary of Ares has been taking place for one week. Participants could get Ares reward , real cash or exquisite surroundings by community invitation or lucky draw of every midday.
  • The highest reward could be 20,000 Ares! This week we will review the final biggest winner.
  • Currently, the activity is soaring in popularity. Till the day of announcement release, the Chinese community participants reached the number of 4556. The bonus covered 258 participants in total. Last weeks’ airdrop was successfully accomplished, detailed information you may reach our article airdrop half-way review. This round of activity will last till Beijing time 12:00(mid-day) of This Friday. We wish you seize the opportunity to join in.
  • Last week ,1500+ new members have subscribed our official twitter account. English group members have achieved 2000+ new members one week. Persian, Georgian, Armenian, Israel groups were emerged. We especially welcome the new joined manager Boat Ray, Navid Shokriyan, Rauli.
  • Ares brand images were updated and optimized. Fully updated the format in Logo, wechat subscription. Blue, white and relative colors are used in design to fully depicted the steady and innovative character of Ares Protocol. Currently, we are implementing an all-round upgrading in our website or other platforms. We will showcase the changes soon to the loyal users.
  • Ares Trojan stake mining was issued in May and staking rate is steadily keeping at around 60%. Last week, we have issued three regular products which included three divisions as 60days, 120 days and 180 days. The APY of 60 days, 120 days,180 days are respectively 35%, 40%, 45%;
  • After one week of issuing, 3 regular products have respectively gained staking volume of 16,032,937 Ares; 6,644,463 Ares; 5,621,233 Ares. Also, the current amount of staking is stable at 38, 430, 318 Ares.
  • At the end of July, project went through the second round of unlocking, the price is 0.019U at the lowest. The past two weeks, Ares Protocol secondary market performed stable, the price outperformed at maximum 0.064U.



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Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol


The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link www.aresprotocol.io.