Weekly Update| Ares Protocol Officially Launched Iliad Stake Mining

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6 min readNov 9, 2021

Dear Aresians, Welcome to read our weekly update of Ares Protocol, a decentralized cross-chain oracle platform on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Ares Protocol Weekly Update

This week, the Ares Protocol airdrop of Oct. 2021 has been officially completed all the procedures, in which 300 Ares tokens are distributed to 1000 normal airdrop winners. The super bowl winner is a Portuguese participant@wilson47175189 who has gladly received 20,000 ARES. In the meantime, Ares Protocol has officially started its cooperation with Token Pocket, and the Ares team held relevant airdrop activity successfully!

Ares Protocol issued Iliad stake mining this week. It’s based on BSC main network, in which lower gas fees and user-friendly functions are guaranteed. So far, Ares’ current stake mining APY is 7383.00%. We sincerely welcome you to join staking to make your profit.

Here, we share every bit of Ares.

Development Process

Ares Chain

•The ocw-finance module has completed three processes: submission of inquiry, quotation, and award collection, source code has been submitted to the OCW-suit repository.

•Ocw main module and finance module were docked and tested, improved the economic model, docked inquiry process, quotation process, are under in-depth testing.

•Modified the ares-chain startup mode, and integrated SPCE-JSON into binary code to simplify the startup process.

•Fixed some issues of the ares-chain startup in — dev mode, including block hopping, — validator parameter enabled by default, etc.

•Developed the on-chain price prediction function to support multi-round and multi-currency price prediction.

•Compiled docker image, to make it easy to build test network environment.

•Interface debugging and error correction of the quotation program, get_price.


•Launched Iliad stake mining on BSC

•Started the third round bidding of KSM slot auction

•Distributed 1000 Airdrop winners and one super bowl winner’s rewards

•Mars launched Crowdloan reward claiming function

The Community and Market Status Quo

The Joint Airdrop Mission of Ares and Token Pocket.

Ares Protocol is holding a new airdrop embodied in celebrating the cooperation between Ares and Token Pocket. The activity is planned to implement for four days from 3rd of Nov. to 7th of Nov. 200,000 ARES was in the airdrop scheme to distribute to winners. Tasks are featured comfortably. The participants only need to Retweet the airdrop post, follow Ares’s official Twitter, join in telegram group, and download TP wallet.

Currently, the activity is ongoing. The google form will be closed at 9:00 am (UTC) on the 5th of Nov. After issuing a valid participants list, we will give the winner list afterwards, and tokens will be distributed to the winners.

The Increasing Figures in Relevant Platforms

The Twitter followers have reached 30.6k, WeChat blog followers have reached 1.1k, the medium has 2.3k followers. The community members in total made up for 48.6k, which has increased significantly since last week.

Recently, there has been a lot of enthusiasm in the community, and many language partners want to apply to be Ares community manager. Currently, we are assessing the candidates according to working ability and knowledge about Ares. The team exerts immense appreciation to all supporters. The test network will be officially launched by the team soon. We will bring you fresh and exciting games to the community also. A quiz about token prizes might be held in the community soon. Stay tuned!

KSM Slot Auction is Proceeding

Ares Protocol’s canary network Mars has participated in the third round of KSM slot auction. The sequence number is 2008. You could click here to know more about the slot auction strategies and crowd-loan process. Meanwhile, Mars’s official page has opened the “Join The Crowdloan” channel, ensuring you can easily participate in the crowd loan.

The rewarding is regulated in 1KSM for 1000AMAS (Mars network token). So far, we have endowed 500 Ares tokens for 1 KSM for the former two rounds of slot auction participants. Please Click Here for details. Let’s join the slot auction to get more rewards.

The New Emerged ARES Iliad — Stake Mining on BSC Main Network

This week we issued Ares Iliad stake mining. It’s based on the BSC main network, which has a lower GAS fee and more interactive functions. It currently only supports operations on wallets and decentralized exchanges; well, how can you get the ARES on BSC?

• Airdrop tokens already distributed on your BSC wallet address.

• You could trade on PancakeSwap.

PancakeSwap Trading Address:


ARES BSC Treaty Address:


Same with the Ares Trojan stake mining. Currently, it has current and regular staking modes. Regular modes respectively featured into 3 types: 60days , 120days, 180days, APY is 35%,40% and 45% respectively. Worth mentioning is that so far current APY on Iliad has reached 7383.00%. Ares Iliad stake mining address is attached below, waiting for you to join in.


Warning: Ares Iliad stake mining currently only supports operations on wallets and decentralized exchanges. Centralized exchanges are not supported on its page. If you are using MetaMask, please don’t forget to change the settings to [MAINNET]; otherwise it will fail to proceed.

Ares Trojan Stake Mining is Proceeding.

It’s a stake mining platform based on the ethereum network. This week, 60days of the regular product has gained 16,857,428 ARES, increased880,924 ARES volume compared to last week; 120days of regular products has gained 7,315,256 ARES, the increase compared to the previous week made up to 289,050 ARES; 180 days of regular products have gained 11,237,010ARES, which increased 4,374,837 ARES volume than last week. The current stake volume is stable at 35,361,606 ARES, APY has achieved a slight increase.

As manifested, users tend to choose long-term stake mining, which indicates their long-term expectations of Ares.

All of the Private Displacement has been Unlocked; There is No More PRESSURE for the Market by Token Unlocking.

30th of Dec., the project has unlocked the third batch of private displacement of Ares, in which the left 50% tokens are unlocked. It means ARES achieved total circulation, and there is no more unlocking pressure for the market.

The pleasant news is that even though the project has gone through the third round of unlocking, the market is still on-trend. The lowest price reached 0.031U, but quickly, Ares increased back to its normal status. The Ares Protocol secondary market has been performing stable; the price has peaked at 0.034U. The circulation volume has increased dramatically.

This is the end of the weekly update; thanks for reading. Stay tuned. See you next week.

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Ares Protocol is a stochastic secure Oracle solution developed based on the Substrate framework, supporting hybrid Babe and off-chain workhorses, incorporating Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, bringing the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the Oracle space, supporting the Ink contract ecosystem, and bringing better quality Oracle services to Defi developers.

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