Weekly Report | Ares Protocol refactor pallet-ocw adds consensus identification module

Development process


  • The module library and Substrate are synchronized to the latest version of monthly-2021–08.
  • Used external references for frame, primitives, clients, docs, and moved some pallets configurations to separate part_* files to avoid bloated Runtime configurations.
  • The pallets — OCW function is reconstructed. The pallets are read by the Substrate operator, analyzed and delivered to the upper pallet.
  • Babe + Authorship consensus identification module is added to ensure that legitimate authenticators can provide legitimate prices.

Quotation system

  • Preset 7 exchange price query.
  • Supports two algorithms for aggregating prices.
  • Short — term historical price buffer is quickly queried, long — term price database is maintained.
  • Different trading pairs can be added by configuration.


  • Fixed memory usage of Mars program.
  • Test Mars and relay chains, parachain data across chains.
  • Increase the distribution of crowdloan rewards.

Other updates

  • Refactor react in Ares-DApp to update hooks 16 to hooks 17.
  • For active ETH addresses, airdrop 50 $ARES for addresses with balances greater than 2 to 100.

Market status and community development

The increase in media platforms

Ares protocol upgradation in brand vision

Ares stake mining is rolling out

The number of transactions on chain exceeded 25000



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Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol


The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link www.aresprotocol.io.