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4 min readAug 24, 2021

Dear Aresians

Welcome to our weekly report. We will continue to share you contents about Ares Protocol-Oracle of Polkadot Weekly Update.

This week, the team is working on optimization of extractor of Kusama crowd-loan data, distributing model of development rewards and so on which were aimed at preparing for Second-round of Kusama parachain auction in coming September. Brand products were updated in all platforms while community and social media were expanded significantly. Here, we will share every bit of changes on Ares with you.

Development process


  • The module library and Substrate are synchronized to the latest version of monthly-2021–08.
  • Used external references for frame, primitives, clients, docs, and moved some pallets configurations to separate part_* files to avoid bloated Runtime configurations.
  • The pallets — OCW function is reconstructed. The pallets are read by the Substrate operator, analyzed and delivered to the upper pallet.
  • Babe + Authorship consensus identification module is added to ensure that legitimate authenticators can provide legitimate prices.

Quotation system

  • Preset 7 exchange price query.
  • Supports two algorithms for aggregating prices.
  • Short — term historical price buffer is quickly queried, long — term price database is maintained.
  • Different trading pairs can be added by configuration.

Code repository: https://github.com/aresprotocols/get_price

API: https://api.aresprotocol.io/api/getprice/btcusdt/huobi


  • Fixed memory usage of Mars program.
  • Test Mars and relay chains, parachain data across chains.
  • Increase the distribution of crowdloan rewards.

Other updates

  • Refactor react in Ares-DApp to update hooks 16 to hooks 17.
  • For active ETH addresses, airdrop 50 $ARES for addresses with balances greater than 2 to 100.

Market status and community development

The airdrop activity for Anniversary of Ares in Chinese community met its final. Li zong kang, TEANER, Shang hai xuan ming respectively earned the first, second and third prize of the activity with Ares tokens ranged from 5000 to 20000, we deliver our congratulations to them.

This time of anniversary participants made up by 6923 Chinese community members. The activity awards which included $ARES Airdrop, real cash and Ares accessories have benefited more than 403 people. The airdrop awards were all successfully distributed and counted. (minor of gift packages are still on the road ,we may ask your patience sincerely.)

Since 25th of August, for deepening the understanding of new members about the project, we are going to bring about a new competition called win by steps for rewarded quiz. The activity will be featured with the rules like 20 $ARES for each question, the top answered participant will be rewarded with 3,000 extra $ARES reward. You may reach the community board outlet to learn the details. Welcome the old or new members, we wish you learn to earn.

The increase in media platforms

Last week, the project twitter account has gained 2,000 + new members, Wechat blog has welcomed 500 + members. The community members have become 4,000 + in total.

Ares protocol upgradation in brand vision

We have upgraded and optimized the brand-vision of Ares. Currently, the project website design was accomplished and delivered to the upfront developer. We are glad to inform you guys that the new website will be in operation soon. We are looking forward to finishing all the upgradation on brands and present the result in details to you.

Ares stake mining is rolling out

Ares Trojan stake mining is still proceeding. This week, 60 days of regular products have gained 16,032,937 $ARES tokens, which is equivalent with last week; 120 days of regular product has gained 6,814,313 $ARES tokens, which means stake volume is increased 170,000 $ARES tokens than last week. Current staking volume is steady in 38,222,793 $ARES tokens.

The number of transactions on chain exceeded 25000

The secondary market of Ares is performing steadily. Till the day of publish this article, Etherscan data have shown that 5176 number of addresses for tokens emerged so far. Technically, the project’s popularity and publicity have been increasing. The token addresses are dispersed and increased. This is gaining a firm ground for Ares to become a decentralized cross-chain Oracle service.

This is the end of our weekly update, see you next week!

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