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4 min readSep 1, 2021


Dear Aresians

Welcome to Ares Protocol-Oracle of Polkadot ecosystem weekly update. This week the support team has issued awarding rules for second round of Kusama Parachains slot auction. Awards were upgraded. Participants are able to exchange 1 $KSM to 1200 $AMAS, and extra bonus for inviting participants is available. Welcome every Aresians to actively support KSM for our canary network, to help us to win the Kusama Parachains slot auction. If you have no idea about how to support, you could click here. Meanwhile, this week project has welcomed two new community from Russia and Korea, our all social platforms are expanding continuously.

Here, we are going to share you every bit of Ares.

Development process


  • Pallet-ocw module has added babe consensus support, users can impart user session. If the block producer match with the storekey submitted by nodes then producer will be eligible for price submission. This module supports PoS mode on Node.


  • Node versions are upgraded to 0.9.9 version, fixed the synchronization error with Kusama. Parachains were added selection module, and implanted aura version of pallet-ocw into mars, supported parachains nodes with price collection, at present, pallet is already set on for test.
  • Accomplished the solo pallet communication between parachains, cross-chain obtaining of prices on parachains are under test.
  • ts realized online acquiring of Kusama crowdloan contribution quantity, the awards of crowdloan distribution have proceeded to testing phase

Other upgradations

  • Go quotation system added interface for acquiring Ares data, deal volume, price variation in 24 hours.
  • New official website has been finished, now it’s under adaptation process
  • Deploy online testing environment, showcase link: dapp.aresprotocol.io
  • Includes go quotation system, node price distributing system, Ares chain and React forefront page
  • Testing network open node gladios.aresprotocol.io

Weekly market and community

Chinese team has issued activity for new season called Ares ,each step for win, awarding competition. Last week, through the democratic voting from community, we decided to ask five quizzes each day, we will ask two quizzes in the eleven a.m. and three quiz in the eight p.m. Each right answer gets 20 Ares, the winner will get the extra award of 3000 Ares. The activity will end in the mid of the September, all distribution of Ares will be made at the end.

Last week , since the beginning of the activity, community members are actively participating our activity, 80 Aresians have already got our awards only in two days. Currently, weekly ranking awards are ranged 100 to 260 $Ares. Here, we always welcome our new and old members and we claim that our purpose is learn to earn.

Korean, Russian language groups are new emerged.

Currently, the official twitter followers have increased to 5363 while Wechat blog subscribers are 1087. The community members increased to 900+ in total. Korean, Russian groups are new emerged. Welcome the community manager Jasper and Фея to join us. 👏

Kusama slot auction started crowdloan

The canary network of ARES ,which is called Mars has started Kusama crowdloan. Sequence number is [2008], 8 rounds of slot auction will be started, the lending phase lasts 6weeks 6*8=48weeks.

Awarding rules are below:

1.1 KSM of support is available to get 1000 $AMAS;

2. While Mars Crowdloan’s KSM staking volume surpasses 50,000 , the user will get 1200 $AMAS for 1 $KSM, fixed ratio will be at KSM:AMAS=1:1200.

3. extra invitation bonus will be disclosed soon.

300,000,000 $AMAS at maximum will be distributed to KSM contributor. After the auction succeeded, the awards will be released in linear way till the end of lending. Later, $AMAS will be on the exchange depending on its popularity, or it could be changed into $ARES with a certain ratio. Mars will be an economically valuable canary network.

Ares stake mining is proceeding

Ares Trojan stake mining is proceeding. This week ,the 60days regular product has gained 16,032,937 Ares, which is same with last week: 120days regular product has gained 6,868,671 Ares, increased 5W+Ares than last week; 180days regular product has gained 5,788,302 Ares, which is equal to the last week. Current stake mining is stable at 37,928,065 Ares.

This is the end of our weekly update , thank you for reading, see you next week.

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