Weekly Update| Ares Chain& Ocw-Suit upgraded Substrate to v0.9.15

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5 min readFeb 15, 2022


Weekly Update 17th Edition

Dear Aresians, we are glad to have you here. Now let’s have a look at our weekly update of Ares Protocol — the first decentralized cross-chain oracle project of the Polkadot ecosystem.

The second phase of node deployment successfully welcomed its ending, it had 30+ validator nodes joined the node deployment, and they received 43100 ARES in total for rewards. In the meantime, activities for newcomers are in a range in different communities; In contrast, the Arabic community just finished its activity, the Japanese community has started its first airdrop for new members, which vis valued at 706 USDT!

Here, we share every bit of Ares.

Development Progress

Ares Chain & Ocw-Suit

Upgrade Substrate to V0.9.15

  • disposition of pallet_election_PROVIDer_MULTI_phase and pallet_staking is otherwise debunking so that the list of makers is maintained by staking-extend
  • Refactor the Node service code
  • Test app: Price competition to see if it works after upgrading to 0.9.15
  • Upgrade parallel chain Mars to version 0.9.13 and add Optace-Runtime
  • Sorted out Mars parallel chain and conducted data synchronization test, which has been successfully synchronized so far.
  • Test subQuery, a lightweight block-scanning component that customizes data structures, is tested to support front-end block-scanning.
  • The design part of ARES — Oracle UI, compatible with code for upgrading ARES -chain.
  • Improved tests for upgrading ARES — OCW to 0.9.15 and the corresponding version.
  • Started and tested the ares-chain upgrade to 0.9.15. Currently, the Pioneer network is normal.

AresScan Harvester
Blockchain scanning application adapted Substrate0.9.15:

  • Fixed the issue of updated Event attributes were not compatible with old versions
  • Fixed the failure of log in parsing after upgrade
  • Fixed an issue of upgraded start_sequencer that requires init_runtime to parse on-chain data before performing statistics

Trojan Box

  • Completed the first lottery scheme
  • Added restoring poolcache from a database
  • Added modules for daily statistics and history record
  • Modified my bonus interface and added a table for daily returns
  • Added the docker deployment scheme
  • Complete all static pages for the mystery box game
  • Complete part of the page animation
  • Complete the multi-language setting of the mystery box game page
  • Start docking mystery box game interface

Market& Community Status Quo

The second phase of node deployment has made a successful ending.
So far, the rewards, 43100ARES in total for node deployment, have all been distributed to the relevant participants, which now exceeded 41. Those nodes are dispersed all around the globe, such as Russia, Kazakhstan and they are hitting on a debated daily basis in the miner’s fascinating group. The project party exerts immense gratitude for the contributors for node deployment.
Meanwhile, the third round of node testing is on edge for starting; make sure you joined the miner’s group (Ares Protocol Node Miner) to discuss relevant issues and information on nodes.

Telegram group for node miners (search on telegram: Ares Protocol Node Miner)
Reward statistics:

Giveaways for New Members

The giveaway from the Japanese community

Airdrop for Japanese Community

during the 9th February to 9th March, the Japanese community has giveaways valued at 706 USDT to welcome new members. 20 members will be extracted for rewards with the 300 USDT for the top one winner. The rules are simple; the participants are only required to follow specific tasks and be active in the group. The moderator from the group will assess the winners due to their liveliness and completing of the tasks. Tasks are about subscribing to Twitter, reposting Twitter, joining the Japanese community, and official telegram groups.

Airdrops in the Arabic Community

Arabic Community Giveaway

From 17th to 24th of January, the Arabic community is holding a new round of airdrop, surpassing the 1000 members in the community and attracting more Arab friends to join in.

The Rising Social Media

Demographic Statistics of Social Media platforms

So far, Twitter has exceeded31.5k subscribers, WeChat has reached 1.1k subscribers, Medium has gained 2.4k members. The community members have reached been born 55.2k in total. The Japanese group is new and vibrant, and it’s welcoming its first giveaway for the members’ thanks to the manager ニコニコ. The community members are rising continuously following the Chinese, Russian, Arabic, and Japanese activities. The group members in total reached 2000+ members.

Trojan& Iliad Stake Mining

Trojan Stake Mining Volume

Ares Trojan stake Mining platform, based on the Ethereum network, is proceeding in stake mining. This week, 60days of regular staking has gained 16,491,611 ARES, escalated than before 193,991 ARES in total. 120days of regular staking has achieved 7,017,278 ARES; 180 days of regular staking has achieved 15,901,568 ARES, which soared up to 737,756 ARES. The current staking is stable at 28,941,031 ARES, and APY is 26%.

Iliad Stake Mining Volume

Ares Iliad’s current staking volume has surged up to 3,062,273 ARES, APY is 44%. 60days of regular staking has gained 2,361,250 ARES, raised 11,973 ARES than previous. Moreover, 120 days of regular staking has reached 724,994 ARES, an increase of 160,621 ARES than last week. 180days of regular staking has added 19,073,526 ARES, enlarged to 2,125,253 ARES stake volume.

This is the end of the weekly update; thanks for reading. Stay tuned, bye.

Ares Protocol-decentralised cross-chain oracle platform in Polkadot ecosystem

Ares Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain Oracle that truly implements a new generation of cross-chain Oracle service protocol for data on-chain verification, and is the first to open a compensation channel for data users who suffer business losses from using Oracle data.
Ares Protocol is a stochastic secure Oracle solution developed based on the Substrate framework, supporting hybrid Babe and off-chain workhorses, incorporating Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, bringing the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the Oracle space, supporting the Ink contract ecosystem, and bringing better quality Oracle services to Defi developers.

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