Weekly Update|Ares-chain Odyssey Genesis information has been updated

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6 min readAug 3, 2022


Dear Aresians, we are here! Welcome to “Ares Protocol Weekly Update.”

Recently, Ares Protocol launched Odyssey, a 1:1 network with the same functionality as the leading network, and the cross-chain bridge function allows users to map ERC20/BEP20 ARES to Odyssey. The technical team has released the “Latest Mainnet Prep Network Node Manual.”

Meanwhile, a significant community event, Summer Gifts, has ended at 10:00 GMT on August 1, 2022!

We’ll keep you updated on all things Ares here!

Development Progress This Week

Ares Chain

1.Update ares-chain odyssey/gladios Genesis information, start odyssey/gladios network node for testing, release corresponding docker image: daresprotocollab/ares_node:1.4.1.

2. Fix the price prediction Subaccount account generation error, which usually causes the quotation pair not to read the predicted quotation amount.

3. Fix the problem of whether the created quote pair exists or not in the price forecast to prevent the completed forecast from being terminated normally because the price is unavailable. Add parameter MaxQuotationDelay to avoid using too old price data when determining forecast prices.

4. Refactor the ares-oracle module data structure for parsing values expressed in scientific notation.

5. Refactored ares-oracle module to add price aggregation height and quotation interval check, so that old data will be discarded if the time between quotations is too long to ensure the validity of quotations.

6. ocw-suit New class library bound-vec-helper:v1.0.1, used to enhance the functionality of BoundedVec structure and facilitate the conversion with Vec.


1. Fix the problem of incorrect parsing of account/identity data.

2. Improve the padding of the accumulation_revert method; the missing will cause errors when rolling back some data, affecting the writing of updated data.

3. Fix the problem that the ares-scan extrinsic_failed_event event is parsed incorrectly.

4. Improve data_estimates_participants data padding related to price prediction to support the front-end display of price prediction data.

5. Network modified to gladios and odyssey can switch networks

6. The new details page for assets on the chain


1. Compatible with BTT in Binance, changed to BTTC

2. Add the API for obtaining the price curve

3. Add the function of cleaning old data at regular intervals

4. Repair the problem of scientific notation in the price display

5. Table requesting data across pages will lead to data discontinuity, modify the paging method of Table

6. Modify the price history data chart to the new data interface

Price forecast

1. Modify the way to get all rewards to earn rewards from the subaccount

2. Modify the interface for creating forecasts to the latest interface

3. Add custom multiplier for creating forecasts

Other updates

1. Add the documents related to Prep Network

2.Fix eth&bsc admin transfer addresses the problem

This Week in Marketing & Community

The project launches Odyssey’s mainnet prep network

Odyssey, a prep network with 1:1 functionality identical to the leading network, was officially launched on July 21. It integrates the core functions of the top network: token pledging, decentralized prophecy machine quoting part, data source retrieval function, etc., aiming to create a completely realistic primary network environment.

Cross-chain bridge function enabled.

Ares Odyssey is an entire economic system where participants can 1:1 map ARES-ERC20 or ARES-BEP20 assets into Odyssey for pledging, nominating, or experiencing the on-chain data request function. The proceeds earned therein will remain in the Odyssey network and can be withdrawn by users via the Odyssey — ETH or Odyssey — BSC cross-chain bridges, mapped 1:1 to ARES-ERC20 or ARES-BEP20 assets.

The token bridging feature of the Ares Odyssey, the mainnet prep network, was enabled on July 22nd. This allows ARES tokens to seamlessly cross-chain to ERC20, BEP20, the Ares Odyssey Mainnet Prep Network, and the Mainnet, allowing for a one-stop experience with more project features.

Specific steps


The latest Prep Network Node Manual is officially launched.

Odyssey Prep Network Node Manual is online, with new chapters on mapping ERC20/BEP20 tokens and withdrawing assets. He was switching from Gladios to Odyssey network and updated node program commands.

The current prep network node manual is divided into the following sections.

1. Create an Odyssey account & staking

2. Deploy/update the Authenticator node program

3. Set the latest Session Keys

4. Passing verifier checks, continuous blocking & quoting

5. Penalize verification & withdraw assets

The latest mainnet prep network node manual has been fully updated in WiKi; you can search the link to view it! Please see the “Odyssey Mainnet Prep Network Node Manual,” released for more details.

Introduction of the latest activities of the community

The summer Gifts event

Summer Gifts, a significant community event ended. Note that the prize is canceled because there are fewer than 1000 participants. But we encourage people to be active in the discord and we will reward them in upcoming events.

Latest Spanish Community Events

Be active in the Spanish-speaking community each week to earn rewards. The order of the winners will be based on the sum of the points in the game and the number of messages sent in the group. Notes will be reviewed and must not contain spam or duplicate text. Each participant must send at least 40 letters in the group during the campaign period and be one of the top 10 users who send the most messages.

Total prize amount: 50 USDT

1st place 25 USDT

2nd place 15 USDT

3rd place 10 USDT

Winners of the week

1st place Mrdellepere 2083 points + 41 messages = 2124

Second place Harold 1953 points + 109 messages = 2062

3rd place Carlos J Duran 957 points + 117 messages = 1074

Social media numbers

The project currently has 36.4K subscribers on Twitter, 1.1K subscribers on WeChat, and 2.5K followers on Medium. The total number of community members is presently 90.7K.

Trojan &iliad Staking Mining

Ares Trojan staking mining is ongoing based on the staking mining of the Ethereum network. This week, the 60-day fixed-term product received 10,388,943 ARES; the 120-day fixed-term product received 7,178,257 ARES; the 180-day fixed-term product received 11,750,868 ARES; the 270-day fixed-term product staking volume was stable at 86,833 ARES; the 360-day fixed-term product staking volume increased to 1,983,223 ARES. The staking volume of 360-day fixed-term products increased to 1,983,223 ARES. Demand stakings were also stable at 27,606,410 ARES, and APY was steady at 26%.

Ares Iliad’s weekly demand staking volume was 3,020,391 ARES with an APY of 36%. 60-day fixed term products received 1,670,309 ARES; 120-day fixed term products received 2,298,156 ARES; 180-day fixed term products received 25,544,588 ARES; 270-day fixed term products grew to 638,320 The 360-day fixed-term product saw the most growth with 4,348,787 ARES staking.

That’s it for this week’s Weekly Update; we’ll see you next week!

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Ares Protocol is an oracle solution with security using VRF, developed on the Substrate framework, and it supports hybrid Babe and off-chain workers. It integrates Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, brings the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the oracle field, supports the Ink contract ecosystem, and brings better oracle services to DeFi Developers.

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