Weekly Update| Ares Chain upgraded from Aura Consensus to Babe Consensus

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6 min readMar 2, 2022


Dear Aresians, it’s been a productive month for Ares since we tightened our work schedule to achieve the plans ahead. Here we will share the story of Ares from last week. As we always say, do not forget to know more about this promising project Ares Protocol, a decentralized Oracle platform in the Polkadot ecosystem.

The Trojan Box is in the final stage as the team has conducted an intense VRF algorithm. The Game newly added history record and sharing functions. In the meantime, several optimizations are ongoing for a better visual experience and user interaction. The game was believed to be a milestone for the whole greek heroes theme in the Ares project.

Here we share every bit of Ares.

Development Progress in the Week

Ares Chain

  • Test the feasibility of hard forking consensus from Aura to Babe
  • Add Babe consensus code, mainly involving modules: Service, Runtime
  • Compile and deploy a new gladios client to adapt to the changes brought by the runtime upgrade to Polkadot-v0.9.15
  • Reconstruct the AggPrice event to AggregatedPrice and add the list of validators under the corresponding quotation for the convenience of the later scanning program
  • Extrinsic added a lot of paid INQUIRY bonus for verifiers, with a one-time payment of all ERA from the back end
  • Upgrade the inquiry processing method of submit_ask_price, pre-judge the forecast price provided, and eliminate key pairs that are not supported in advance
  • Improve ares- oracle data related demo and data connection test


  • New Runtime changes that require additional processing of recent events (e.g., AggregatedPrice, PayForPurchase)
  • Improve the processing of 4 APIs, namely: display the asset data supported by Oracle on the chain, the request data of Oracle on the chain, count the request data of each Era of Oracle, and measure the unclaimed rewards of each Era.
  • Complete block browser deployment for pioneer network

Trojan Box

  • Modified the minimum reward extraction rule and added the interface for querying the amount of the bonus pool
  • Optimized bonus pool configuration parameters and fixed my bonus data error of the day.
  • Added return Config interface and query Bonus History interface, which can be filtered by address
  • Add admin authentication for management interfaces. Only configured addresses are allowed to access the interface.

Trojan Box UI

  • Resize and center the overall page elements
  • Play game page to modify the new card display animation
  • After the hero is selected, the display order of the card, the position of the gold animation, and the increase of the bonus amount of the card animation
    All secondary page additions are returned
  • Add cloud and background animation on home page
  • The home page docking game total reward and participation number interface
  • New withdrawals when less than the minimum withdrawal amount prompts and Twitter sharing is dynamic to get nicknames and total winnings
  • New language switching and sharing page on home page
  • The interface for obtaining Config is added on the home page
  • Admin adds total stake and yield chart and docking interface data
  • Admin added query award and withdrawal history page
  • Admin Added the share system management page

Other Updates

  • New Arabic and Ukrainian languages on the official website
  • White paper content in Chinese, English, and Korean will be added to the official website

Market&Community Status Quo

The Arabic community’s second round of airdrop is in the climax — the airdrop valued at 500 USDT maximum aims to increase the number of Arabic group members. If the objective is achieved, 70 members will be chosen to split 500 USDT.

So far, the activity is close to its deadline. The tip we should give you here is to recommend at least more than two members to be available for rewards. The participants in the activity should be more than 400. If the participants do not reach this standard, the prize will become invalid, and ten winners will be randomly extracted. For details, please refer to:https://gleam.io/GPxzC/arabic-airdrop

Japanese Community Giveaway
From 9th February to 9th March, the Japanese community has conducted a giveaway valued at 706USDT. Twenty winners will be chosen to get rewards of 300USDT.

After completing the tasks(follow the Twitter, retweet, and join official and Japanese telegram), the members will be ranked according to their active status in the Japanese telegram group. The 20 top active members will get the reward. SO far, the Japanese community has attracted more than 600+members.

The Rising Social Media

So far, Twitter has 31.1k subscribers, WeChat blog has1.1k followers, and Medium has reached 2.5 k members. In total, there are 57.5k members of the community.
This week, the project welcomed Turkish and Portuguese groups. We sincerely welcome the Turkish group admin@Baveer.

The slot auction is proceeding

The canary network of Mars, Kusma, has joined the 27th of slot auction, and the sequence number is 2008. You could click here to know more about the slot auction strategy and tutorials on Mars. In the meantime, Mars has opened up a channel named”Join The Crowdloan”, you could use the function to crowd loan for the project.

Ares joined the second round of slot auction is Polkadot, the sequence number is 2028, named Ares Odyssey. The relevant DOT slot auction is published on the main website; looking forward to visiting and contributing.

Trojan& Iliad Stake Mining

Trojan stake mining volume

Ares Trojan stake mining, based on the Ethereum chain, is proceeding; this week, 60 days of regular products have accumulated 16, 821, 535 of ARES, stable from the previous week; 120 days of regular products have reached 7,137,346 ARES, which amounted to 110,000 ARES increase than last week. 180 days of regular products have added up to 17,247,181 ARES, increased 227,263 ARES stake volume than previous. The current stake volume is stable at 28,532,410 ARES; the APY is steady at 26%.
Iliad staking mining volume

Ares Iliad’s current stake volume increased to 3,441,868 ARES, with an APY of 39%. 60days of the regular product has gained 2,391,176 ARES, which amounted to a 19,260 ARES increase than the previous week. However, 120 days of regular products have added up to1,040,674 ARES, an increase of 137,181 than the last week. 180 days of stake volume has grown to 19,713,944 ARES, and increased 145,719 ARES stake volume

This is the end of our weekly update. Thanks for reading, stay tuned, bye.

Ares Protocol-decentralised cross-chain oracle platform in Polkadot ecosystem

Ares Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain Oracle that truly implements a new generation of cross-chain Oracle service protocol for data on-chain verification, and is the first to open a compensation channel for data users who suffer business losses from using Oracle data.
Ares Protocol is a stochastic secure Oracle solution developed based on the Substrate framework, supporting hybrid Babe and off-chain workhorses, incorporating Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, bringing the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the Oracle space, supporting the Ink contract ecosystem, and bringing better quality Oracle services to Defi developers.

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