Weekly Update| Ares Chain upgraded from Aura Consensus to Babe Consensus

Development Progress in the Week

  • Test the feasibility of hard forking consensus from Aura to Babe
  • Add Babe consensus code, mainly involving modules: Service, Runtime
  • Compile and deploy a new gladios client to adapt to the changes brought by the runtime upgrade to Polkadot-v0.9.15
  • Reconstruct the AggPrice event to AggregatedPrice and add the list of validators under the corresponding quotation for the convenience of the later scanning program
  • Extrinsic added a lot of paid INQUIRY bonus for verifiers, with a one-time payment of all ERA from the back end
  • Upgrade the inquiry processing method of submit_ask_price, pre-judge the forecast price provided, and eliminate key pairs that are not supported in advance
  • Improve ares- oracle data related demo and data connection test
  • New Runtime changes that require additional processing of recent events (e.g., AggregatedPrice, PayForPurchase)
  • Improve the processing of 4 APIs, namely: display the asset data supported by Oracle on the chain, the request data of Oracle on the chain, count the request data of each Era of Oracle, and measure the unclaimed rewards of each Era.
  • Complete block browser deployment for pioneer network
  • Modified the minimum reward extraction rule and added the interface for querying the amount of the bonus pool
  • Optimized bonus pool configuration parameters and fixed my bonus data error of the day.
  • Added return Config interface and query Bonus History interface, which can be filtered by address
  • Add admin authentication for management interfaces. Only configured addresses are allowed to access the interface.
  • Resize and center the overall page elements
  • Play game page to modify the new card display animation
  • After the hero is selected, the display order of the card, the position of the gold animation, and the increase of the bonus amount of the card animation
    All secondary page additions are returned
  • Add cloud and background animation on home page
  • The home page docking game total reward and participation number interface
  • New withdrawals when less than the minimum withdrawal amount prompts and Twitter sharing is dynamic to get nicknames and total winnings
  • New language switching and sharing page on home page
  • The interface for obtaining Config is added on the home page
  • Admin adds total stake and yield chart and docking interface data
  • Admin added query award and withdrawal history page
  • Admin Added the share system management page
  • New Arabic and Ukrainian languages on the official website
  • White paper content in Chinese, English, and Korean will be added to the official website

Market&Community Status Quo

The Rising Social Media

The slot auction is proceeding

Trojan& Iliad Stake Mining

This is the end of our weekly update. Thanks for reading, stay tuned, bye.

Ares Protocol-decentralised cross-chain oracle platform in Polkadot ecosystem



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Ares Protocol


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