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5 min readOct 25, 2021


Ares Protocol weekly update

Dear Aresians, welcome to our weekly update of Ares Protocol, an Oracle service on the Polkadot ecosystem.

Recently, we have plenty of good news to share with you. Ares Protocol made brad reforms which are already in use. A huge airdrop activity worth 50,000USD at maximum is ongoing on behalf of Ares Protocol. After only two days, all platforms and official groups have had more than ten thousand of popularity increase. In the meantime, the test network which holds huge expectations from the public was disclosed to the public. Welcome to join our test network to make profits on early stage.

Here we share every bit of Ares with you.

The Development Process of This Week.


Currently, Ares’ test network gladios is operating normally, which approves 74 kinds of price quotation and we are recruiting nodes also. You could visit the link below to acquire detailed information.


  • The challenge module of OCW-suit was improved and passed the process test. Meanwhile, the Ocw consensus switch of Aura and Babe dual consensus versions was supported, and some tuple types were upgraded to struct structures.
  • Pallet — OCW submits Unsigned_ transaction Uses the with_filter method to filter the Key of the signature, to make sure that the signature address of the transaction is the same as the slot producer.
  • Ares-chain adds governance modules such as democracy, Treasury, bounties, and adjusts the log output format of the Ocw program.
  • Add staking and election modules based on aura, and update the apps-config file so that the front end reads the latest storage structure.
  • Jump block function is added. The program node will automatically identify the current working mode. If it is Aura, the jump mode will be implemented. In this mode, if the last bidder is consistent with the current bidder, the quotation will be postponed to the next bidder, to avoid the situation of a repeated quotation by a single person.
  • The test network is running, test batch request is processing, and set the currency type clarification and precision

The website is optimized

  • The Mars page integrated polkadot.js with the browser plug-in and added a section for joining the Crowd loan.
  • PC and mobile terminals of Ares website has been adapted
  • Added mailbox subscription and group message functions.

The Performance of the Market and Community This Week

Ares Protocol Oct. 2021 airdrop event

The airdrop activity is ongoing with 2,000,000 tokens maximum.

For benefitting the Aresians who kept supporting us on our way of progress and absorbing new members to our community to enrich the popularity of Ares, the project has started a huge airdrop activity from 18th Oct. to 28th Oct. This time of airdrop activity reward could reach 2,000,000 Ares tokens at maximum. There will be 2,500 winners at a maximum to gain 1,000,000 Ares. In the meantime, one luckiest winner will be chosen to get 1,000,000Ares at maximum.

Please reach out to the link for details: https://tinyurl.com/aresprotocol

So far, the activity has been proceeding for two days, activity post has been retweeted 20.2k times, the official Twitter fan base gained 17k+ more followers, the telegram has gained new followers13k+, Discord has increased 13k+ followers and the telegram channel has gained 30k+ followers. The activity is raging so fast and we sincerely appreciate your participation. While you fulfilling the task, don’t forget to fill in the google form, we wish you could get the biggest award.

The new increase in Twitter and telegram group.

The population in different platforms

Currently, we have 22.8k followers on Twitter, 1.1k subscribers on the WeChat blog. Our medium channel reached 1.4thousand followers. The total population of the community is 36.65k, which is a huge increase in comparison to the past.

The Chinese community has suspended its activity on WeChat due to the complex situation. Welcome guys to join our Chinese telegram group, for obtaining real information about Ares, click on http://t.me/AresProtocolChina

Ares brand reforms

Ares Protocol new website

We happily announce that Ares Protocol has officially made its brand reform. For ensuring better visual comfort and efficient interaction with personal optimization, the project has made reforms on the logo, official website, video advertisement, and function development.

This time of brand reform included the best website optimization of PC and mobile terminals. For bringing more convenient and comfortable customer service, we adopted the suggestions from global communities to make our website interface more dynamic, and reliable with a live price quotation, concise and clear.

The interface is more integrated, with detailed project profiles, instructive links, and social media information, etc. It’s considered a crucial spot to learn, operate and purchase ARES.

Press the link below for Ares website https://www.aresprotocol.io

Ares stake mining is proceeding

Ares Protocol stock mining digit

Ares Trojan stake mining is proceeding. This week, 60days of regular products have gained 15, 928, 042 ARES. 120 days of Regular products have gained 6, 868, 671 ARES, which stayed equal in comparison to last week. 180 days of regular products have gained 6008, 302 ARES, which is in line with last week. Current stake mining is stable at 35, 361, 606 ARES, APY has increased than past status.

This is the end of our weekly update, thanks for reading, stay tuned, see you next week.

Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain oracle platform, which truly implements a new generation of cross-chain oracle service protocol for on-chain data validation, and is the first to open up a compensation channel for data users when they suffer business losses due to the use of oracle data.

Ares Protocol is developed based on the Substrate framework, is a random security oracle solution that supports hybrid Babe and off-chain workers. It integrates Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, brings the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the oracle field, supports the Ink contract ecosystem, and brings DeFi developers better oracle services.

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Ares Protocol

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