Weekly Update| Ares Protocol had an all-round upgrade of on-chain data structure

Development Process

  • OCW quotation data improved the bidder’s information on the chain record.
  • New Pallet configuration mode for calculating the median value is introduced.
  • Changed the governance mode to be approved by the technical committee to facilitate the on-chain upgrade request.
  • Upgraded on-chain request data structures to support on-chain upgrades to request accuracy.
  • Configured collective to be used correctly in combination with democracy module, Modified the source code of collective module preliminarily according to requirements, and added related punishment interface for oracle system
  • The script simulates the normal flow of Treasury and Bounty and the corresponding functional tests.
  • Added parachain-staking for nominator to recommend candidate, who allocates a block to token award.
  • Improved pallet_author_slot_filter block validation filter, updated reward allocation.
  • Added withdrawing interface that returns a specified number of trade pairs.
  • Split the requested trading pairs and gets the latest average price of the trading pairs from memory.

Marketing and Community Operation

Ares teamed up with MXC Foundation

Ares stake mining



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Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol


The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link www.aresprotocol.io.