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5 min readOct 6, 2022


Dear Aresians, we are here! Welcome to the “Ares Protocol Weekly Update”.

The Ares Protocol team recently announced the mainnet launch, which held at 69 Era with a block height of approximately 990766 (22:00 Singapore time on October 3, 2022) and a block release bonus at the same time.

At the same time, the official community holds weekly “voice chat” events to share the latest trends of the crypto industry and projects with the community in real time. For more information, please refer to the official Ares Protocol telegram: http://t.me/AresProtocolLab

Here, we will keep you updated on everything about Ares!

This week’s development process

Ares Chain

Price prediction module modification adds the same Symbol processing

* The old structure each task is migrated to each other in multiple storage structures, a forecast in different states will appear separately in different storage structures, and each is indexed by symbol.

The following list of structures is refactored.


events: Event::ParticipateEstimates

Storage: ActiveEstimates

Storage: UnresolvedEstimates

Store: PreparedEstimates

Store: CompletedEstimates

Storage: SymbolEstimatesId

Storage: Participants

Storage: EstimatesInitDeposit

Structure: ChooseWinnersPayload

Structure: ChooseTrigerPayload


Ocw-suit class library adds benchmark tests for accurate calculation of processing fees

* Add ares-oracle, challenge, manual-bridge, oracle-finance, price-estimates related benchmark

* The sections related to runtime benchmarks need to be updated for ares-chain.


* Organize the parameters based on typescript, define parameter type types (ParamsOfNewEstimates, ParamsOfParticipateEstimates, ParamsOfEstimatesPreference) to manage incoming parameters.

* Add configuration information .env, and Readme







* Separate price prediction initialization function part ``yarn estimates-active-pallet``

* Separate initialization of test account balance for different test environments for local chains and gladios.


Solve the problem that events predicted by the browser are not displayed properly

* There is a problem with the recursive call judgment of check_params in polkascan.py in the API

* refactor the code logic to add the judgment of the specific type of list list

Extend price prediction statistics interface in block browser

* add new interface /estimate/participate_estimates/{ss58} to get the corresponding participation prediction rewards for a user

* New interface /estimate/winners/{ss58} for reading the winning information of a user

Solve the bug that new accounts are not displayed properly in the browser

* When runtime upgrade, clear the old price prediction storage on the chain, but when inserting afterwards ares-scan will have a primary key conflict, resulting in errors when integrating data in subsequent sweeps.

* When inserting new data, you need to check if the old data exists first, and update it if it does.

AresScan will stop consolidating data when sweeping blocks

* The reason is that the task status is not updated in time because of resource or network problems.

* Add a timestamp to the INTEGRITY_HEAD beacon, and try to restart the integration task if you find that the beacon is still not updated after 60.

Upgrade Polkadot/API and angular related dependencies to the latest version.

Fix build error after upgrade


Odyssey to ETH/BSC cross-chain transfer account balance to distinguish transferable balance

Upgrade bsc&eth Polkadot/API version

Fix the problem that the cross-chain message background prompts for multiple emails

Official website

Add rocket animation on the official website

Upgrade Polkadot/API version on the official website

Fix the incompatibility problem after upgrading Polkadot/API version

Wiki update main website validator and web nominator tutorial

This week’s marketplace & community

The official launch of the main website on October 3

The Ares technical team has completed the development of the mainnet for Ares Protocol. It implements the basic features of Ares Oracle: “offer integration”, “verifier reward distribution”, and “new verifier compliance review” based on Substrate framework. “Three major functions were developed based on the Substrate framework.

At the same time, a number of Ares Oracle products were launched, including the Warehouse quotation program, AresScan, Ares Wikipedia, etc. And passed the Gladios test network, Odyssey prep network multiple rounds of test run successfully. At present, the main network has completed deployment.

Latest technical progress.

ARES can claim in the main network

Ares chain code has been completed

Ares Protocol mainnet has been deployed, allowing all nodes to join

The data request function, verification and penalty mechanism on the chain are running without errors

Based on the above technical development progress, the team has finally determined that the mainnet of Ares Protocol was online at 69 Era with a block height of approximately 990766 (22:00 Singapore time on October 3, 2022), and the block reward will be opened at the same time.

Community Update

Odyssey event winners announced

The “Odyssey activity sort the letters” campaign has come to an end. Users spelled the words in a jumbled order based on their knowledge of Odyssey. A total of 121 users participated and 20 winners won the final prize, with a total of 200 usdt awarded.

Social Media Numbers

The project currently has 35.9K subscribers on Twitter, 1.1K subscribers on WeChat, and 2.6K followers on Medium. The total number of community members is presently 77.2K.

The official Ares Protocol community hosts weekly “voice chat” events to share the latest trends in the crypto industry and projects with the community. Follow the official Ares Protocol telegram at http://t.me/AresProtocolLab to get closer to us!

Course content will include

Cryptocurrency market trends and analysis

ARES Protocol weekly updates (Odyssey mainnet)

Staying profitable in a bear market

Trojan & iliad staking situation

Pledge mining continues with Ares Trojan, which is based on pledge mining on the ethereum network. This week, the 60-day term product received 10,388,943 ARES; the 120-day term product received 6,588,407 ARES; the 180-day term product received 11,322,410 ARES; the 270-day term product pledge volume remained stable at 86,833 ARES; and notably, the 360-day term product pledge volume increased to 4,795.279 ARES, Demand pledges also increased to 27,758,134 ARES and APY remained stable at 26%.

Ares iliad demand pledge volume for the week was 3,277,638 ARES with an APY of 33%. 60-day fixed term products received 1,741,263 ARES; 120-day fixed term products received 1,515,454 ARES; 180-day fixed term products received 23,453,999 ARES; 270-day fixed term products remained stable at 638,320 ARES; and 360-day fixed term products received 1,515,454 ARES. The 360-day term product saw the most growth with 5,803,559 ARES pledged.

That’s it for this week’s Weekly Update, we’ll see you next week!



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