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6 min readSep 16, 2022


Dear Aresians, we are here! Welcome to the “Ares Protocol Weekly Update.”

The Ares Protocol team recently announced that the Odyssey Prep Network test will be extended until 9.28. Users interested in becoming a validator or nominator can continue to access the network by following the Prep Network tutorial, and their rewards will continue to be calculated.

Meanwhile, the official Discord chat has come to an end. The winners of the first phase have been announced, and a total of 15 people have received rewards in this round, with the top winner receiving 34 USDT!

Here, we’ll keep you updated on all things, Ares!

This week’s development process

Ares Chain

1. synchronize and upgrade ocw-suit and ares-chain to Polkadot-0.9.28 version, update to gladios testnet.

2. Solve the problem of not being able to create new forecasts after forcing the predictions to finish in the price forecasting module.

* The main reason is that UnresolvedEstimates are not deleted when forced to finish.

* Add the corresponding test and compile and release gladios version 151.

3. Modify the price aggregation event return data to re-add the specific submitted block height for each validator

* Aggregated event `aresOracle.AggregatedPrice` returns data corresponding to the offerer and adds information about the blocks submitted at the corresponding price.

4. Solve the problem that the prediction cannot be automatically ended after the price prediction expires.

* Solve the problem of off-chain signature verification caused by restriction error when verifying data after passing off-chain signature.

5. price prediction will create the exact price prediction that will cause the money collusion in the winner.

* The problem is that the previous forecast is not cleared, such as into the “review state,” the later forecast is created to write new prices to the internal, at this time, if the first forecast is cleared, the funds of the two prophecies will be cleared uniformly.

* A new storage structure is added to record the total amount of funds corresponding to each forecast instead of calculating the total amount from the account balance.

Price Forecast

1. When creating a price forecast, the range forecast and the accurate price forecast each detect if a trading pair is in progress and if so, cannot create a new forecast.

2. Modify the way to get the total reward for the price forecasts I participate in, range forecasts, and accurate price forecasts, respectively. 3.

3. Modify the layout of the bottom navigation.

4. Fix the problem: when I click winner on the price forecast page, I can’t jump to the winner details list page.

Other updates

1. Add transaction fees to the browser transaction details page.

2. Fix the inaccurate display of pledge mining rewards.

This week’s market & community

Odyssey Prep Network extended to 9.28

To extend the user experience of Odyssey Prep Network and improve the network security and offer performance, the Odyssey Prep Network test will be developed to 9.28. Users who want to become a validator or nominator can continue to access according to the Prep Network tutorial, and your rewards will be calculated continuously.

To become a verifier, refer to the “Odyssey Mainnet Prep Network Node Manual” for the relevant actions.

To become a nominator, refer to the “Odyssey Mainnet Prep Network Nominator Tutorial.”

For the latest information about the Odyssey network reward mechanism, please read “F&Q.”

We look forward to your joining us in building the Odyssey Prep Network and contributing to a more robust and secure Mainnet!

Introduction of the latest activities of the community

First Discord Chat Winners Announced

Starting from 8.29, Ares Protocol official Discord held a week-long Chat&Win event.

Six participants will be selected each day.

1 participant: 6 USDT — at least more than 100 messages

2 participants: 3 USDT — at least 50 messages

3 participants: 1 USDT — at least 30 messages

The first phase winners have been announced, and 15 winners have been rewarded with a maximum of 34 USDT.

Here are the winners’ discord IDs:






Mr. Jhhayy#5034


Diamond Ekanem#2830

Mr. Percy#5034




Suntex Yamazaki#3053



The first phase of the campaign has now come to an end. Stay tuned to https://t.co/Ef3em57Myz and enjoy the opening of the next event!

Latest events in the Russian language community

From 8.22 to 8.28, to expand our Russian-speaking community and make it more dynamic, the community administrator has launched the latest campaign.

- Russian-speaking users will be invited to join the group, and you will get one point per invitation.

- If your referral is an active chat user (more than 50 messages during the contest), you will receive an additional point.

The campaign is now completed. We want to remind you that none of the winners completed the “16 or more invitees” task, so the top prize of 50 USDT was not won. Congratulations to @nikopolvisit @tomash575 for winning 30 USDT and 15 USDT, respectively.

Social Media Numbers

Currently, the project has 36K subscribers on Twitter, 1.1K subscribers on WeChat, and 2.5K followers on Medium. The total number of community members is currently 82.5K.

Trojan &iliad Stake Mining

Ares Trojan staking mining is ongoing, based on the stake mining of the Ethereum network. This week, the 60-day fixed term product received 10,388,943 ARES; the 120-day fixed term product received 6,739,779 ARES; the 180-day fixed term product received 11,677,869 ARES; the 270-day fixed term product staking volume remained stable at 86,833 ARES; and notably, the 360-day fixed term product staking volume increased to 4,695.279 ARES, Demand stakes also increased to 27,741,917 ARES, and APY remained stable at 27%.

Ares Iliad’s weekly demand staking volume was 3,029,046 ARES with an APY of 37%. 60-day fixed term products received 1,751,263 ARES; 120-day fixed term products received 1,280,697 ARES; 180-day fixed term products received 26,085,358 ARES; 270-day fixed term products remained stable at 638,320. The 360-day term product saw the most growth, with 5,065,462 ARES staked.

That’s it for this Weekly Update. We’ll see you next week!

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