Weekly Update | The Public Deployment of Gladios — Test Net Nodes has been Proceeding

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7 min readJan 17, 2022


Weekly update - 15 version

Dear Aresians, we are glad to have you here. Now let’s have a look at our weekly update of Ares Protocol — the first decentralized cross-chain oracle project of the Polkadot ecosystem.

This week, Gladios testnet nodes have been opened up the second round of public deployment. It has been going viral among participants; welcome all enthusiasts to join in and gain rewards; the maximum bonus is 200ARES/ per day.

Here, we share every bit of Ares.

Development Progress in This Week


  • Update the Identity module to provide on-chain tagging for users.
  • Organized the display prototype diagram of ARES-Oracle browser, including on-chain quotation data related to jumping blocks, abnormal log data, paid inquiry data, verifier participation in inquiry reward, verifier review activities, off-chain submission of uncommon prices.
  • Upgrading the ares-Oracle storage structure involves converting the AresAuthority type to the corresponding STashid-Accounting, facilitating system viewing, and subsequent connection of front-end display pages. In addition, the data migration script is updated accordingly
  • Added and improved ares-Oracle related events and test case scripts available on the front end
  • Update the ImOnline and License module to Runtime106
  • Fix code update program can not synchronize data problems
  • Upgrade the OCW-suit version to Polkadot-V0.9.10

AresScan browser

  • Fixed query transaction API unable to associate query corresponding address
  • Fixed bug where Faucet issued duplicate tokens
  • Added Faucet data statistics interface
  • Submit information about the parallel chains of Mars and ARES added to Subscan PR
  • Page style modification for mobile phones

Warehouse quotation procedure

  • Modified API/API /getReqConfig to increase the return update interval
  • Modify the readme document for get_price to add the return value
  • Reorganize the API section of the Readme to optimize the format of the document
  • Clean up the code structure, more suitable for Docker to run
  • Add docker and docker-compose runtime files

UI of quotation System

  • Page style modification for mobile phones
  • Add set interval to adjust the time to obtain data
  • Add data source switch to facilitate users to view deployed data


  • Home page style modification Added contract deployment time
  • Fix Overdrive data loading error twice
  • Added batch transfer and login functions
  • Adjust the Stake page style

Other updates

  • Price forecast mobile adaptation
  • Joint adjustment price guessing related interface
  • Spanish and Japanese have been added to the official website

Market & Community Status Quo

Testnet gladios has opened up the second round of public deployment

Since the 14th of January, We have been recording the online status of the nodes on workdays according to the backstage data. Nodes must be online for 24 hours; so far, they only support cloud servers to operate nodes. Node rewards are available in successive ten days (14th to 27th January, except weekends). For the circumstances such as offline malpractice, a specific penalty will be entitled.

Task 1:Deploy nodes (reward:100 ARES/per day reward)

Task 2:Deploy nodes+be a candıdate for valıdator nodes(reward:200 ARES/per day )

So far, the tutorial about the public deployment of test net nodes (part1,2,3) has been issued; for detailed information, please reach out to pinned Twitter post.


Our second round of public deployment will last till the 27th of January, do not forget to know more about the detail. Please confirm you are in the node miners group ( Ares Protocol Node Miner ) to ensure discussion and sharing about node deployment.

Telegram Node Miners Group: https://t.me/AresProtocolNode

Q & A

Q: Why did I deploy nodes, but I didn’t get rewards?

A: Please check in the telemetry page if your node was remarked (telegram username + BSC address) (so far, some nodes are not remarked, unable to count rewards). Observe the telemetry page to see if there are circumstances to be offline. If there is an offline record, then the reward will be discounted.

Q: Why haven’t I received a 200ARES/ per day reward even if I have already become a validator node?

A: Please make sure that you have set on-chain identity on gladios (Twitter name + telegram username); this will allow us to access your relevant info, including wallet address. Otherwise, the reward can not be counted.

Q: Why do I always wait even if I already applied to become validator nodes?

A: You haven’t been reviewed by tech. Committee. There is an error in configuring data sources; for a detailed solution, please reach out to the node miners group (Ares Protocol Node Miner) to ask for help from professionals.

The Rising Social Media

So far, the official Twitter account has been reached 31.8k followers, WeChat blog has accumulated 1.1k subscribers. Medium has got 2.4k fans. The total number of members of the community has reached 48.44k.

This week the Chinese group has been performing extraordinarily; the community members have reached 2656, folded one time more, thanks to the efforts made by the voluntaries.

Marketing Cooperation

Ares Protocol cooperated with Crypto.com, an internationally renowned cryptocurrency giant.

Ares Protocol cooperated with Crypto.com, an internationally renowned cryptocurrency giant

Through Crypto.com’s ARES Price Page, you can now directly access ARES’ RSS news feed. This feature will enable Crypto.com users to obtain the latest news and updates on ARES — the first decentralized, on-chain verified Oracle project in the Polkadot ecosystem.

Crypto.com users can stay on top of the latest updates regarding ARES’s products and services in addition to access to the latest ARES price, trading volume, live charts, and market capitalization data.

Slot Auction is Still Proceeding


The fourth round of the Kusama slot auction has ended, Mars has returned your KSM automatically; if you haven’t received it yet, please contact the group admin in time to leave your contributed polkadot.js address.

The canary network Mars has been proceeding in the fifth slot auction; the sequence number is 2008, we wish to win the slot. You could click here to know more about the Mars slot auction and crowd-loan procedure. In the meantime, the Mars official website has opened the “Join the crowd loan” passage, ensuring a more timely contribution to the project.


Ares has joined the second round of Polkadot slot auction; the sequence number is 2028, named Ares Odyssey. Relevant DOT slot auction strategy is published on the official website; we look forward to you joining the Ares slot auction to contribute your DOT!

Trojan & Iliad Stake Mining

Ares Trojan stake mining has been proceeding; it’s a stake mining function based on the ethereum mainnet. This week, 60days of regular products have gained 16, 297, 620 ARES, increased 107, 601 ARES stake volume compared to last week. 120 days of regular products has gained 7, 859, 027 ARES, an increase of 299, 688 ARES compared to last week. 180 days of regular products has gained 15, 163, 812 ARES, equal to last week. Current stake volume has been stable at 29, 958, 397 ARES, APY is steady at 25%.

This week, Ares Iliad’s current stake volume is 2, 842, 645 ARES , APY is 38%. 60 days of regular products have gained 2, 349, 277 ARES, increased 109, 549 ARES than last week. 120 days of regular products have gained 564, 373 ARES, equal to last week. 180 days of regular products has gained 8, 486, 951 ARES, increased 306, 364 ARES stake volume than last week.

This is the end of our weekly update; thanks for reading; stay tuned. See you next week.

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