Weekly Update | The third phase of Gladios has opened to the public on June 1st

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6 min readJun 7, 2022


Dear Aresians, here we are! Welcome to the [Polkadot Ecological Project Ares Protocol Weekly Update].

The third phase of the testing network Gladios node test has been officially launched on June 1, with 40+ nodes successfully connected. It needs to be reminded here that in order to ensure that the node finally gets the event reward, please be sure to verify on the chain and leave your telegram username as well as your BSC address. If the project cannot obtain relevant information in a timely manner, your reward collection may be affected.

Here, we’ll keep you updated on everything about Ares!

Development progress of this week

Ares Chain

1. Modified the processing method of final types in validator review rules. The previous rule was that the validator would delete the review task after submitting the review so that the front end failed to obtain the final type of review task. The new rule will not delete the completed task within one day.

2. Upgraded the staking_extends module. It is able to adapt to the number of validator lists automatically to ensure that the election will not enter into the Emergency status.

3. Adjusted XRay’s write rules. It is adjusted from writing once per era to writing once in every 20 blocks so that validators can quickly query Xray data.


1. Fixed the problem of the System.KilledAccount Event not being processed correctly

2. Upgraded the angular version to solve the problem of version conflict compilation error

3. Added the Polkadot dependency package to solve the incompatibility problem of the new version of the dependency package

4. Added the reason query of validator collecting reward and validator status failure

5. Optimized the page to display the reward collection data, with the data of the same validator displayed in groups

6. Faucet fixed the problem that the client will automatically exit after the reconnection fails

Other updates

1. Added loading animation on the price prediction page

2. Solved the problem of formatting the date displayed on the trading pair in the price prediction

3. Trojan-box implemented the proxy of the contract

4. Trojan-box finalized the random algorithm of the contract

Market & Community Weekly

The third round of node testing

What does the node need to do to join the test? You need to complete the following steps:

1. Deploy/update the validator node program

2. Set the latest Session Keys

3. Pass the validation verification and produce the blocks and quotes continuously

Node activation reward

From June 1st to June 14th, we will collect the online status of nodes on working days based on the Gladios validator penalty mechanism. It needs to run 24 hours a day, and currently supports Linux systems and Docker running nodes. This node testing round will last for 10 working days (two weeks), with a reward of 1000 ARES/day given every day. For those penalized nodes, the daily reward is halved, that is, the reward of 500 ARES/day.

Please make sure you are in our node tg group (Ares Protocol Node Miner) so that we could send you the latest information and rewards in a convenient and timely manner.

Node tg group:


On-chain authentication

In order to facilitate your reward collection, please complete the on-chain authentication in time.

Method 1: Set the on-chain identity and fill in the web

Method 2: Set the on-chain identity, fill in the legal name (your telegram username) + send the bsc address to the community administrator @MIles_Damon@Ares_ES

Set up on-chain identity

1. Log in to Gladios, click [Account] in the top form, click [My Account] as shown below, and select [Set On-Chain Identity]



2. (Method 1) Retweet pinned tweet + tg username + BSC address to get a web link. Shorten the link in tinyurl and fill it in [Web], then click [Set Identity]

2. (Method 2) Put your Telegram name into [ledge name] and put your Twitter name into [Twitter name], then click [Set Identity]

3. Confirm the transaction and click [Sign & Submit] (this will charge you for some test coins, please make sure you have 1000 or more test coins in your account address)

4. Once the transaction is completed, it will notify you that the identity has been set

Introducing the latest community activities

Latest activity in the Spanish community

From May 23rd, a weekly community crossword will be held in the Spanish community. In the first campaign, the word puzzle contains 7 words related to the functions, advantages and main features of Ares Protocol.

This event has ended at 20:00 GMT on May 29th. A total of 14 active participants were in the challenge, of which 4 participants submitted their answers correctly. 3 people have been randomly selected and rewarded.

1st place 10 USDD

2nd place 7 USDT

3rd place 5 USDT

The latest events in the Japanese community

The Japanese community check-in activity continues. You can participate in daily check-in and get 5 ARES/day rewards; you can also continue to be active in the community, and the top three will receive 50–100 ARES rewards every week. Redeem every 500 ARES of your rewards.

Social media subscriptions continue to grow

At present, the project has 31.3K subscriptions on Twitter, 1.1K subscriptions on WeChat official account, and 2.5K followers on Medium. The community has carried out a new round of integration and promotion, and the total number is currently 84.1K, an increase of 2.9K from last week.

Trojan &iliad Staking Mining

Ares Trojan staking mining continues, which is based on Ethereum network. This week, a total of 10,618,382 ARES were obtained for 60-day recurring products; 6,878,257 ARES for 120-day recurring products; 17,364,788 ARES for 180-day recurring products; and 1,011,332 ARES for 360-day recurring products. The demand pledged volume also remained stable at 27,120,563 ARES, and the APY was stable at 27%.

This week, the current Ares iliad staking amount is 3,595,123 ARES, and the APY is 30%. A total of 2,183,095 ARES were obtained for 60-day products; 2,167,749 ARES for 120-day products; 21,276,128 ARES for 180-day products; 300,001 ARES for 270-day products; 1,319,849 ARES for 360-day products.

That’s all for the Weekly Update, see you next week!

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Ares Protocol is an oracle solution with security using VRF, developed on the Substrate framework, and it supports hybrid Babe and off-chain workers. It integrates Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, brings the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the oracle field, supports the Ink contract ecosystem, and brings better oracle services to DeFi Developers.

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