Weekly Update| Trojan Box added pallets for sharing and completed multiple revision

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6 min readMar 16, 2022
Weekly Update 20th Edition

Dear Aresians, welcome to read our weekly update. We share updates and new information about Ares Protocol, a decentralized croos-chain Oracle platform on a weekly basis.

The support team completed multiple rounds of revision on the Trojan Box. Regarding for the more user-friendly and compatible final products, we are issuing beta version to allow users to explore and report deficiencies. In the beta version certain token rewards are pegged to the participants.

Here, we share every bit of Ares

Development Progress

Ares Chain

  • Remedy occurred the confirmation errors redulted from the upgrade onto version polkadot v0.9.15, and implemented certain roll-up startups and runtime upgrade.
  • Upgraded HostKey saving model, in new version the excessive HostKeys will be deleted in dainly basis, guarantee healthy reading of debugging information of nodes
  • Client upgraded and added Badblock extention to Extensions and process bad blog tags.
  • Client upgraded and added ForceRevert command to ensure necessary processes of finalized blocks
  • Uograded ares-chain consensus-babe fork, added polkadot-0.9.15 related new functions onto it including GrandpaState and ForceRevert commands, revise partial consensus configuration errors


  • The changes brought by the new version of runtime require additional processing of new events (eg: AggregatedPrice, PayForPurchase)
  • Improve the processing of 4 APIs, namely: display the asset data supported by the Oracle on the chain, request data of the Oracle on the chain, count the request data of each Era of the Oracle, and count the unclaimed rewards of each Era
  • Completed the block explorer deployment of the pioneer network

Trojan Box

  • Add sharing task module, including adding, querying and processing api
  • Daily statistics increase the statistical mortgage amount, sharing income and annualized income
  • All statistics increase sharing revenue statistics and channel statistics
  • Common sharing increases the limit of once per day per channel
  • Added message reminder and reporting functions for sharing tasks
  • Add upload image api, increase the compression processing of uploaded images
  • Added whitelist function and message reminder module

Trojan Box UI

  • Complete the adjustment of mobile page adaptation
  • Add image upload and select sharing media on the home page sharing page
  • Add homepage message animation and bug feedback function
  • Add whitelist filtering function to play game page
  • Fix the problem of skipping frames in the scrolling animation of the home page
  • Play the game page to add all heroes hover sound effects and Button to add click sound effects
  • Add a share link to the homepage to submit the page and complete the submission interface connection and obtain the media that has been shared on the day
  • Fix the bug that the game cannot be played after the countdown is over
  • Extract the withdrawal component as a public component, which is shared on the home page and win page
  • Add my account details component and my message on the homepage and complete the message read function
  • Background management login to add signature authorization and administrator address filtering
  • The background management sharing task management page is connected to the data query and filtering interface by conditions, and the processing and sharing function is added.

other updates

  • The official website adds the text content of the Russian language white paper
  • Added Japanese, Ukrainian and Arabic white paper content to the official website
  • Staking completes the adjustment of the new pledge page of eth and bsc
  • Staking adds referrer function
  • Add recommended rate settings and modification methods
  • Add the maximum referral reward and how to modify it
  • Staking When the referrer has zero address, no recommendation settings and rewards are issued.
  • Staking increases the number of referrals and the total amount of pledged query

Market and Community Status Quo

The New Activities In the Communities

From 2nd to 16th of March, the Spanish community is holding its new activity. The top one prize is 500 USDT! The airdrop is aimed at increasing 500 new members to the group. If the activity is succeeded the top 30 members will gain prizes ranged from 10 to 100 USDT.

So far, there is 6 days left, if the object is not reached, then there will be randomly selected 10% of the new members got 5 USDT. For detailed information please refer to https://gleam.io/gJrEZ/airdrop-comunidad-hispana

The New Activity for Arabic Community

From 19th February to 5th March, the Arabic community carried out its second term of activities for new members. The price for the activity is 300USDT in total, there will be 20 users will get ARES ranged from 10 to55. Through the activity, the community have welcomed 533 new members.

The Social Media is Spiraling

So far the official Twitter has been followed by 31.4k people, the Wechat blog has 1.1k followers. The medium has collected 2.5k memebers in total. The total community members are 58.1k.

So far each community has been outperforming. We also exert our gratitude to the new admins such as @Tobuou and @shogoiwabuchi.

The Slot Auction is Proceeding

The canary network of Kusama Mars has been joining the 29th round of slot auction, the sequence number is 2008. You could click here to know more about the crowd-loan strategy.


Ares has been participating its third round of slot auction, the sequence number is 2028, named Ares Odyssey. The relative DOT bidding policy will be published on official website, we wish you could contribute your DOT to our slot auction.

Trojan & Iliad Stake Mining

Ares Trojan stake mining based on ethereum network is proceeding. This week the 60 days of regular products has gained 16, 936,557 ARES, increased 155,022 ARES than last week. The 120 days of regular products have gained 7, 299, 486ARES, amounted 162,140 more ARES than previous week. 180 days of regular products have collected 17, 598, 951 ARES, mounted 351, 770 ARES stake volume than last week. The current stake volume is stable at 28,502, 234 ARES, the APY is stable at 26%.

This week, Ares Iliad current stake volume is 3,160,288 in total, with 42% of increase in APY. 60 days of regular products is stable at 2,345,948 ARES. 120 days of regular products has gained 1,165,563 ARES, which mounted 124,889ARES than previous week. 180 days of regular products has gained 19,749,124 ARES, increased 35,180 ARES stake volume.

This is the end of the weekly update, thanks for reading. See you.

Ares Protocol is a decentralized cross-chain Oracle that truly implements a new generation of cross-chain Oracle service protocol for data on-chain verification, and is the first to open a compensation channel for data users who suffer business losses from using Oracle data.

Ares Protocol is a stochastic secure Oracle solution developed based on the Substrate framework, supporting hybrid Babe and off-chain workhorses, incorporating Polkadot’s latest on-chain governance, bringing the Optimistic Rollup challenge model into the Oracle space, supporting the Ink contract ecosystem, and bringing better quality Oracle services to Defi developers.

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