Weekly Update| Trojan& Iliad Regular Staking Products Completed A Full Upgrade

Development Progress of the Week

  • Upgrade THE Vec structure of OW-suit/ARES-Oracle to BoundedVec with updates above Polkadot-0.9.17.
  • Adjust and sort out the parameter differences between Gladios and Pioneer networks, and generate a comparison table for subsequent upgrades and adjustments.
  • Start the test https://js.aresprotocol.io/? based on Babe RPC = ws: / / is used for internal testing.
  • Fixed — spec_name does not match during dev startup.
  • Project side fixed invalid fast-Runtime compilation parameters.
  • Submit changes to HostKey functionality in ‘Validator Audit’ in the blockchain browser.
  • Optimize staking-extend, remove pallets -session modules, and reduce warnings during compilation
  • Staking is otherwise unacceptable in a test chain:
  • Introduce the configuration file to create chain-spec
  • Add lockup contracts and unit tests
  • Game background changed from query balance to query the locked contract
  • Added API to extract contract revenue
  • Add processing, query extraction contract revenue API
  • Added pledge mode to Buy Tickets page
  • Trojan Box Admin page adds options to use ETH or BSC network transfer when handling user cash transfers
  • Modify the style problems reported on the home page of mobile version, Win Now and game page
  • Buy Tickets changed to use a pledge to determine whether the game can be played
  • Fixed Safari compatibility issue with animation rotation when playing games on the Games page
  • BSC and ETH new pledge page modification
  • Eth added the message scroll bar at the top of the page
  • BSC & ETH added a bulletin center
  • BSC & ETH added the pledge extraction application page
  • BSC & ETH added admin page for handling pledge extraction
  • BSC and ETH interface for connecting to application submission and processing status query
  • BSC and ETH interconnects to query submission records and process transfers
  • Added the periodic scanning of the BSC network
  • Modified the processing logic to support both ETH and BSC scanning
  • Add records startTime and endTime when scanning
  • Added an API to get mortgage records
  • Market and Community of the Week

The New Pools of the Trojan & Iliad

What is the difference between new and old pools?

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