Weekly Update| Ares Protocol New Added On-chain Price Pre-verification Function of Validator

Development status quo

  • A new kind of pre-verification of on-chain pricing is introduced. After a validator is successful staking, the system automatically makes an offchain HTTP request and submits the data to the chain for alignment. The validator is elected if the alignment is no more than a certain value (10% by default) away from the average value on the chain. Otherwise, the verifier request will be terminated indefinitely until the user voluntarily submits the cleanup action.
  • Update testing of ares- Oracle module versions 101 to 102.
  • Local multi-key processing logic reconstruction, new key WARN level logs, modified the original multi-key processing logic (new local key cycle comparison)
  • Upgrade the NPos chain (Ares-Node) based on the Babe consensus algorithm, update the base monthly-2021–08 version, and keep the base Monthly -2021–09+1 version consistent with the Aura chain.
  • Update the ares-Oracle logic to create a new version of the Authorities user group and bind Session directly to reduce coupling to other modules.
  • Disable the related code of the cast address ss58Encode
  • Fixed an issue with the library Scalecodec not loading the predefined type_registry. Json correctly after init
  • Refactoring extracts each processor into a separate file
  • Resolved the issue that scalecoDec was completely incompatible with the old decode payload after the substrate was upgraded to Polkadot0.9.13 (for Events)
  • And all sorts of other adaptations
  • Change the log record logrus
  • The getBulkSymbolState interface was added
  • Complete data aggregation and list display of historical data
  • Resources interface docking, and setWeight modification
  • The Get Http Error Info page is displayed and interfaces are connected
  • The Connection between the Response, and Heartbeat interfaces is complete
  • The historical data display chart is modified
  • Home page style and icon according to the new version of the requirements of the new modification
  • Wikipedia
  • Ares documentation has been updated, whitepapers updated, builds, nodes updated
  • Complete project setup
  • A total of 26 pages completed the compilation of 23 pages

Market & community status quo

Ares Protocol New Year Gifting

Slot auction is proceeding



Trojan & iliad Stake Mining

Ares Protocol-decentralised cross-chain oracle platform in Polkadot ecosystem.



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Ares Protocol

Ares Protocol


The first chain-verified decentralised cross-chain oracle service protocol, please visit this link www.aresprotocol.io.